I reached over and grabbed Asad's cock. It felt so good in my hand. That fat brown arab cock was just staring me in the face.

He then got on his knees and looked at my dick for a minute. I could tell he was hesitating, but I said, “Just do it.”

He stuck my dick head in his mouth and started licking it. I swear, arab guys suck a dick so much better then a girl does. I guess it’s just cuz we know wat we want. I leaned over and started to kiss Asad. His lips were so good. There were definitely sum sexy arab lips, nice and big.

I could feel Asad's warm mouth going up and down my cock. It was so good. I had to pull out before I came.

His ass was so good, nice and round. I licked my finger, then I started playing with his ass hole. This was his first time having this done to him, but I could tell he liked it. He moaned and said, “Don’t stop, that feels so good.”

I ate him out good. I was lickin the shit out of his ass. I stuck my tongue in there deep. He moaned. It made me so horny. After I was done lubing him up, I laid him on his back and told him, “I want that ass.”

He said, “ I want that dick in my ass, habibi.”

I started rubbing my arab dick up and down his ass crack, teasing him. Then I slowly put it in. First my head poped in. He started to moan. Damn, his ass was tight. I started to push the rest of my arab dick in him nice and slow. I started pumping back and forth.

At first I was slow, I could tell it was hurting him, but he loved it. I started going faster and faster. My dick was going in and out of his ass. Asad was moaning like no other. He said, “Fuck me harder, it feels so good.”

I couldn’t hold it any more. I needed to nut. I pulled out my dick, stroked it a little and came all over his stomach.

Dat night was so good. Neither of us has ever talked about that night again. I guess we were all just too drunk. We all act like it never happened. But damn, I wish we could do that more often.

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