Ali’s lebo cock

I’m back! Thanks for the feedback on my stories. I won’t describe myself again.

This happened July 1st. I had not seen my “friend” for about 6 months , why I don’t know, I guess life lol. We actually used to work at McDonalds together when we were younger and we kinda remained in touch.

He’s a hot Lebo guy, nice face and a sexy body. His name is Ali. I really melt just by looking at his face. His skin tone is a light caramel, about 5’7″, Nice big smile, them eyebrows natural but damn they just call your attention.

Any who, so here I hit him up just to see how he’s doing. Takes him a cool minute to reply. In gets his reply about 9 p.m. His text says, “Oh nothing much. Come hang out, I need someone to talk to.”

I couldn’t say no because every time I go to his house he’s just chilling with nothing but his boxer briefs on. Damn, everything about him looks hotter. Those pecs, his broad shoulders, his abs, them quads, and yeah that bulge.

So I went to his place. There he was sitting down on his couch with a drink in his hand. He wanted to drink and talk about his wife.

So they argued and blah blah blah, she decided to leave for a month and what not. He was telling me why they argued but I wasn’t paying any attention to what he was saying, I couldn’t with him being almost naked and his bulge right in front of me.

So we’re drinking and the time flies. Now it’s like 2 a.m., and we have both killed about a bottle and half. We start doing some lines and the night got the better of us. He tells me to crash at his house and I’m like nah it’s okay. He demands I stay with him and I’m like okay. He knows I wear tight small underwear and he knows I have a big butt. So I ask him for a spare pair of PJs or sweats, and he says just to sleep like that.

As soon as I am taking my pants off, he says, “fuck bro, I’m not gay but damn you have a nice ass. Careful it might get me hard.”

I laughed and said, “Shut the fuck up.” Now I didn’t want to sleep on his bed, not because of what he said, but I don’t know why I felt weird. So I made myself comfortable on the floor. When I was bending over making myself a “bed,” he sneaked behind me and rubbed his full hard boner on my ass and said, “I told you, it’s rock hard for you and he lol’d. I thought he’s still just joking.”

Then He puts his arm around my neck and grinds his boner as if he’s fucking me and holding me down. Even the thought of gay arab sex drives me wild. I acted like I was trying to fight him off, but I kept on pushing my ass up against his rock hard cock. He then let’s go and tells me to turn around and says, “Look, he’s crying for you.” lmfao I see a wet spot on his underwear, yes pre-cum, he was drunk lol

So he then pulls them off and his 9 inch curved up dick pops up, slapping his abs. Fuck, I loved the sight off that. He gets closer and whispers in my ear, “Aren’t you going to make him feel better? Don’t you like lebo cock? Go ahead, talk to it, kiss it, lick it, suck it habibi. It’s all yours. My wife didn’t and don’t know how to enjoy it.” At that moment I was like wtf lol

But he kept on pushing it on me. So I said to him, “You want me to make love to your dick?”

Which he said, “Yeah, do whatever you want to it and me.”

So I said, “Okay, kiss me passionately if you want me to make you forget about her tonight!”

At this point I seriously thought he’s still just joking around. Trying to trick me or something. I had no idea what to think loll.

He had never ever kissed me before not even on the cheek, so he slowly moves in and pecks me on my lips and says, “There.”

I reacted and said, “Do you not know how?”

He said, “Yeah, but you show me how you want it.”

So I slowly pecked his lips, then I slowly licked his top lip while I grabbed his dick. I continued to kiss him, sucking on his tongue, his lips and wow was his dick reacting to every movement I made. It kept throbbing and oozing precum which I licked it and had him taste it. He liked it lol.

So there I am working my way down to his neck, chest, arm pits, and abs. He was so horny. He started talking dirty to me and trying to rush me to suck his dick. I got to his pelvic area and passed my tongue slowly up and down while I stroked his dick, then I sniffed and kissed his pubic hair area. Fuck, that drives me nuts.

I go down to his big hairy balls and licked one by one until I put both of them in my mouth and played them with my tongue. Lebo cock tastes so sweet. Oh was he twitching in pleasure calling me habibi.

This is when it all turned to the best of rough sex. He pulled me back by my hair and told me to open my mouth, which I did. He then spat in my mouth and told me to swallow it bitch. Fuck, that shit had me so turned on.

He slapped me and said, “You like that faggot?”

I said, “Yeah give it to me.

He said, “You want it!

I started slowly licking his dick from the shaft up to the head. I swirled my tongue to give him that pleasure he hasn’t experienced. I have him lay down on the bed and put his legs on my shoulders while I suck his dick. It’s so nice, big, thick with a big head, darker than his upper body but fucking amazing.

I deep throat his dick. I tend to enjoy this more than anyone I think. So there I am deepthroating his cock and he’s pushing me further down, pulling me back up, spitting in my mouth again and slapping me. I enjoyed every minute of this. He could do what he wanted to me. He kept talking shit and moaning.

I was so turned on. I went in more nasty, sloppy head, all fucking wet. He then says, “Yeah baby, all nice and wet, easier for me to fuck you”.

I still had my small tight underwear on. I tried to take it off but he managed to rip a hole near my butthole and spat on my ass. He said, “You’re going to get what she missed.”

He then told me to get on all fours and stick my ass out. He started teasing my ass, skidding it in between my butt cheeks, spanking my ass harder and harder every time. I didn’t mind. I enjoy them spanks lol.

He starts to push his head in me, and I twitch a bit since it’s been a while, lol

He says, “Yeah nice and tight for your daddy. I’m gonna tear your ass apart.”

He slams his dick all the way in, balls deep and I whimpered in pain. He grabs me from my hair and covers my mouth, telling me to shut up and take it. He starts pounding my ass harder and harder on every thrust, stretching my hole and tearing me apart. He watches a lot of porn, so he knows he needs to pull all the way out and ram it back in. Fuck, those are the best.

He then grabs my dick and starts jacking me off while he continues to drill my hole. I feel him kissing and licking my ear. Fuck, that felt nice. Now I don’t know how he all of a sudden pinned my head down with his feet and fucked me even harder. There I was letting him take his anger on me.

After a good hour or so-he takes long-he busted all his nutt inside me. Fuck, that cum felt so good, oozing down my ass. He fell asleep with his thick beast inside me, I didn’t mind.

The time to wake up came and he said it was the best sex he has had. He wanted a 2nd round, but first we needed to gain out energy back.

Let me know if you liked this story and jacked off to it.

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