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I could feel the warm pre cum leak between my ass. He spread my ass open, put spit in it and said, “You ready slut?”

I could feel just the tip going in. It felt so good when it went more in. I could feel the veins on his dick rubbing in the inside of my ass. He pounded my ass for a while, then I got off his dick.

I opened my legs and he started to lick my balls, then he went to my ass hole and licked it all and ate me. It felt so good. Finally, he slipped his dick in.

I opened my legs wide open. He kept fucking me. He kept swearing at me in arabic. It was so hot. I couldn't wait to feel his cum squeeze through my ass.

He pulled his dick out and came all over my dick. We laid there for a minute, and we left.

I never saw him again. But it was a hot as fuck encounter. Gay arab man sex can be like that. But the encounter was hot as fuck.

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