Saleem can really fuck better than Ahmed

salim-ahmed-fucking-gay-arabs-sex-videoLast month I went to pick up my friend Ahmed from his house. A Lebanese guy. 20 years old, but when I went to his house, he was gone. He is a flake, not reliable.

His brother Saleem, 18 years old, told me Ahmed left with his girlfriend. Maybe he forgot I was gonna pick him up to go drink at my house. Ahmed is straight and has a girlfriend but I suck him off when he gets really drunk. And then the next day we act like nothing happened.

Anyway, so I go pick up Ahmed and the idiot took off with his girlfriend without letting me know.

So Saleem says Sorry, and I say that’s ok we were just gonna drink.

Then Saleem says he is down to drink, so I think hell yeah, since he is a cutie too. Let me describe Saleem: he is 5’10” about an inch taller than his older brother, light skin, real cute, nice lips, dark eyebrows and real masculine.

So we go to my house and we start drinking, and he asks me if I have weed cause he wants to smoke, and I have a little, not a lot, but enough to get him high. Then we start drinking Patron and and before long we’re pretty drunk.

I tell him I’m too drunk to drive and he says that’s cool that he can sleep over if he doesn’t mind or he can take uber, and I tell him to sleep over and I will take him home in the morning and he says cool.

So we get ready for bed and I give him a toothbrush and damn when he brushes his teeth in my bathroom he is in his boxers only and even though he is soft I can tell he is packing because his dick head hits the front of his boxers.

I ask him if he wants to sleep on my bed or on the sofa, and he says whatever.

So I tell him he can sleep on my bed and I will sleep on the floor in my bedroom, and again he says whatever.

So he gets in my bed, and I get blankets and lie on my floor, but I’m horny and I want to make him horny, so I watch straight pornos on my phone (even though I am a big faggot-ha ha) and I put the volume a little high so Saleem can hear it.

Saleem asks me if I’m watching porn and I say yeah and I start laughing. Then he shocks the shit of me asking, “Hey David, you’re gay, huh?”

I am shocked and I don’t know what to do or say. So I stay quiet, wondering if I heard him right.

Then he says, “Come here and suck this dick.” I pick up my head and I see his big dick is sticking out of the hole of his boxers. Is he joking with me? The whole thing was shocking.

He wagged his dick at me, and said, “I saw you sucking my brother’s dick the last time you slept over. Come suck this dick.”

I stood up. I kinda laughed and denied that I sucked his brother because his brother Ahmed would kick my ass if I admitted I sucked his dick.

So I said, “I’ve never sucked your brothers dick.”

“I saw you sucking him off while he was laying asleep on the sofa. Don’t worry. I’m not gonna say nothing.”

By this time, I was all horny for Saleem’s cock, so I went over to the bed. I never admitted I did anything with Ahmed, I know better than to double cross him.

But his brother Saleem was so fine. So I bent down and started sucking him. Ay, his dick tasted so good. It was fatter than Ahmed’s cock, so much fatter and better. I always wondered why brothers I suck never have the same cock.

Anyway, so I’m sucking Ahmed’s fine ass brother, moaning like a bitch around his cock, and then he says, “Let me fuck you.”

He doesn’t let me answer. He just picks me up and throws me on the bed. Yanks down my boxers, and puts me in the doggy style position. There is no better feeling than having a fat arab cock drilling your ass. I want to watch the video over and over again. Gay arab porn is fucking hot.

“I’m gonna make you my bitch,” he says, and I’m super horny but at the same time I’m scared his fat cock is gonna hurt me.

He doesn’t ask for a condom. He just spits on his hand and wipes his dick head with it. He is not gentle, he is in a hurry. And before I know it, my asshole burns with his fat dick. I try to get away but he pushes me down and puts all his weight on top of me, pinning me to the bed.

Then he tells me, “Kiss me faggot,” and I move my face sideways so we can kiss while he fucks me so good, nice and slow (he stopped fucking me hard).

He asked me, “Do you like how I’m fucking you?”

“Yes,” I moan, “fuck me nice and slow.”

And I shouldn’t have said that, cause when I say nice and slow, he starts fucking me real hard and fast, and we are bouncing up and down together on the bed.

But after a while it stops hurting and it feels so good. It’s a good feeling, but a frustrating annoying feeling because it feels so good that I want to cum but I can’t jack off because he has me pushed against the bed. My cock is crushed underneath me as he fucks me.

All I can do is push my ass up to me.

“I’m gonna cum,” he moans.

And then he fucks me so hard so deep that I feel it in my guts.

Saleem fucks super good, but ayyy, he is so rude and pushy. He treats me like a bitch. I kinda liked it lol.

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Fucking Kareem. This was like a gay arab porn dream

fucking-kareem-hot-gay-arab-sexwhats up guys! this just happened to me today, and my heart is still racing from the random occasion of hot gay arab sex. This was better than porn.

I’m a simple kind of guy. no one EVER thinks I’m gay, and even when I tell them they think I’m joking lol. I’m a tall, 25 yo, masculine arab with a very strong confident mindset and a nice body. i work hard in the gym and even harder in the bedroom.

anyways i live in a three story apartment building by myself. i went down stairs to go get my phone charger out of my car when i noticed one of my neighbors were moving out.

right away i noticed this sexy arab guy helping them move. I assumed he was hired help. this mover was looking good to me. i always play it chill, but in my head I’m like, Damn, meet me in my bed lol.

so i continued walking to my car, to get what i needed and started to walk back. on my way back i crossed paths with the sexy mover guy. he looked right into my eyes and smiled, i smiled back.

this is where the story randomly takes off. he stopped me and said, “you have really nice eyes.”

i was pretty damn surprised on account i thought this dude was straight. i said “thanks bro.”

he returned a smile and continued to keep walking. i had to turn back around and check him out, and DAMN this guy had a nice slightly thick figure with a bubble butt. right away i started to half staff lol.

as i was heading back upstairs i looked down and saw him watching me. i was like, what the hell is this guy doing lol.

so i peered over the rail and nodded “whats up.” he just smiled and started to walk up stairs…after me. i was getting anxious now. he walked up to the third floor and continued to watch me walk into my apartment. i turned around and saw him at the end of the hallway. i smiled at him and walked in slowly. i left the door unlocked. I’m not gonna lie guys and I’ve def NEVER done this before, but this dude had me feeling spontaneous.

i left the door unlocked. i waited inside for a minute to see if he would either come in or knock. nothing happened. so i was like, damn.

Well i was planning to take a shower and then head back down there to flirt a little more before he left. so i stripped down real quick, took a shower, washed up real good just in case anything happens lol.

as i was drying myself off, i thought i heard a footstep in my hallway near my bedroom. then i remembered i had left the door unlocked. but i brushed it off and I came out of the bathroom, walked into my room and there he was. he let himself in and went straight to my room.

i was shocked and incredibly turned on!!! he was sitting on my bed, his shoes and socks were off, his shirt was off, and damn he had a perfect body. nice tan skin, tats all over his chest and neck, hard pecks, sculpted arms. i was in nothing but a towel. i said “hey whats up” lol i didn’t know what else to say.

he walked right up to me and whispered, “your eyes make me want you. I felt you watch me down stairs.”
he slowly grabbed my dick though the towel. i was so fucken hard by that point. then he softly said, “kiss me habib.”

i leaned forward, softly grabbed his face and pulled him in and kissed him gently but very passionately. my towel fell off, revealing my 8 inch thick hard cut dick. he looked down and smiled, then looked back up at me and said, “make me yours, make me not wanna leave cuz.”

his voice was so tender but masculine at the same time. he backed up slowly to my bed. he unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. he was wearing blue boxers. i could see his hard dick sticking through them. as he was undressing it seemed everything happened in slow motion. i couldn’t believe this was happening like this. It’s a territory I’ve never adventured in, but at the same time i felt completely content with it happening this way…random strangers with an uncontrollable sexual attraction and thirst for each other that can only be quenched by fucking each other’s brains out.

his boxers came off. now was the moment i was wondering, “oh shit i hope this guy is a bottom” lmao.

he stood there naked, hard and sightly wet. he stared at me for a good 10 seconds. no words. we just had our eyes locked in lust. he slowly turned around, looked down at my bed, looked back up at me and proceeded to lay on his stomach with his ass up. i said to myself “yes he’s a bottom” lol.

i walked up to the bed with my dick in my hand, got on top of him, spread his ass, spit on his hole and started to play with it with my dick. i was stroking his asshole with my dick slowly and firmly. i was deciding if i should just go for it or not.

i ALWAYS wrap it up, but this guy had me feeling different. so i just went for it and he let me. i slid my head in. he moaned gently and let out a sigh. he looked over his shoulder and said, “just fuck me” so that was it for me.

i slid all the way in and just starting fucking him hard and fast. with every stroke it felt like ecstasy. every stroke felt like i was going to cum. i laid into him hard. i put all my body weight on him. he held my hand and squeezed with pleasure. i leaned down and bit his neck. he really loved that. he told me to bite him harder, so i did!

he let out what sounded like a weeping cry almost, but it was all from pleasure. this sexy gay arab guy was mine, and i wasn’t letting go until he felt me cum deep inside him. the intensity heightened with every breath, with every thrust and every kiss. i turned him over on his back and he wrapped his legs around me strongly. he looked at me and said, “get back inside me and fuck my hot arab ass.”

i aimed my dick right at his ass and just plowed right into him. it was so fucken hot. i was working him hard, and he was loving it. it was the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced, looking down and seeing his masculine sweaty sexy face panting in pleasure. feeling him tighten his ass with every stroke. It’s like he had a heavy desire to see me cum. he wanted to feel the warmth of my nut busting inside him.
he grabbed my head and pulled me down to kiss him as i was fucking him. he bit my ear and said, i want you to cum. He was one of the hottest gay arab bottoms i’ve ever fucked in my life. This was so much better than gay arab porn.

now to me that’s the biggest fucken turn on. if you tell me to cum, i just get insanely turned on and it makes me cum faster. he said it again, “cum inside of me baby.”

it started to happen. i was over flowing with what could only be described as pure ecstasy. I’m coming, i said. as soon as i said that he tightened his asshole and held me tighter with his legs. with every pump i felt more and more of my nut shooting inside him. this guy knew what he was doing. he put so much effort into making this beyond pleasurable. i couldn’t stop coming. i was still pumping hard into him for about a minute. i was moaning loudly. he was moaning loudly.

i said to him, “you like this dick? that ass is mine right?”
he said, “fuck yea, now cum again. fucken cum inside me again. i need your, give me that cum, bust that nut.”

Fuck, i was going crazy by this point, but he kept saying it, so i started to cum again. i accidentally pulled back too far and my dick slipped out. i was still coming though. i couldn’t help it lol.

as the cum was exploding from my dick he grabbed it, put it back up against his hole and i was busting all over the outside of his hole. he opened up and slowly swallowed my dick inside of his ass. it was the hottest thing, seeing my cum all over his hole and him slowly sliding me back inside and using my cum as lube all at the same time. i was in heaven.

i finished busting inside him. feeling the inside of his cum soaked hole against my throbbing dick was an irreplaceable sensation. i started to slow down, my body was feeling pure euphoria. i laid on top of him as my orgasm was finishing. he wrapped his arms around me. my dick was still inside him. i could feel him massaging it with his ass. it was sliding around. my dick was so sensitive but it still felt great.

we looked at each other and smiled as we got up and cleaned up. we both were quiet, but it wasn’t awkward. it felt neutral and content. i walked him to the door. i said, “so i guess I’ll see you later.”

he smiled yet again and said, “I’ll see you tonight.”

so now I’m anxiously waiting for tonight to come lol. crazy experience and i would def do it all over again. can’t wait till tonight. This is one of the hottest gay arab sex experiences i have had in a long time. By the way his name was Kareem. Just thinking about him is making me pre cum right now lol.

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Sucking off Asad’s huge arab cock

suckin-asads-hot-gay-arab-lebanese-cockThis happened to me awhile back, when I was 18 yo..(Now I’m 39)

But I’d like to share with you guys: I’m Lebanese, always being slim, 5’7” height, in decent shape (still I am Coming from a very traditional family where we celebrated and hung out a lot together, with a lot of food, music, all my sisters, their husbands and everybody happy and celebrations long last all night long..

By that time I was still in the closet and was afraid to come out, but many members of my family were suspicious about my sexual preference, but none of them wanted to talk about it (typical in the Arab Families), specially my brother in law Asad. Well he’s a tall muscled arab with a nice personality, with a nice round bubble butt and a nice bulge that you can see through his fitted jeans and that complimented that macho look. I always was curious about him.

Well, one December, during the celebration of New Year’s Eve, my brother in law was completely drunk. Every time that we had a party he always used my room to change after he showered.

Well, that night I took a shower first, and I decided to stay in my room and wait for him until he finished showering. I did not want to leave my room because my idea was only to see him when he got naked, so, I was getting anxious waiting until he finished and got back to my room.

When Asad got into my room, I saw that dark arab body fresh showered, just covered with the towel, and I could see his bulge. I remember that he locked the door from inside and we started talking, he was drunk!!!

I have always been driven wild by gay arab porn and generally the idea of arab guys together. The thought is making me hard right now.

I was pretending to look for my clothes and my shoes, but my eyes were on his body. I just wanted to take a peek at that huge cut lebanese dick…so, when he took off his towel and he stayed completely naked, I had to look somewhere else cause I didn’t want him to see me that I was checking him out, that beautiful body, packing 9 inches of thick arab beef and that ass…Gosh!!…I still remember like it was yesterday.

He sat in the corner of my bed, completely naked, hanging those 9 inches of meat, and Asad started looking for his socks and underwear.

I don’t know what happened to me, but it was an impulse that I could not control. So I stood up in front of him, went down on my knees and started sucking his dick. His cock got hard in a minute, what a beautiful cock he has!

Then he pushed me back, and I was like, “Fuck …Damn it!!..I’m in trouble, I just screwed up.”

I thought that he was about to punch me or call my sister or my mom. I got nervous, but to my surprise, this didn’t happen. At that moment I was fucking scared, I asked myself, “What you just did???!!!!”

He stared at me for few seconds and all of sudden he grabbed my head and put it back to his cock. At that moment I was the one that pushed him back. I remember that he said to me, moss zabri (Suck it c’mon, give it a go)

I told him, “No, because we’ve to get ready for the dinner,” and we stood up and he tried to wrestle me. I told him, “Asad we better stop” and he kept grabbing my arms and my head, asking me to go down there.

We were wrestling so much that at one point we crashed against my armoire, and one of my colognes fell and got broken!!!…Damn!!!..You can imagine the noise in my room.

Suddenly we heard my sister trying to get in my room, but the door was locked and she started asking, What’s
happening..Asad..Open the door)

Asad grabbed the underwear and the towel to cover his massive hard on and I grabbed my pants. I opened the door, and I thought I was about to faint.

And Asad said, everything is just fine to her.

She said to him, You are drunk get dressed.

When she left, he told me, after dinner he would come back to my room so we can continue.

Well that moment came and, as he said, after dinner he told my sister that he couldn’t drive because he was drunk and that he’d rather stay at my mom’s house (but in my room).

After the party when everybody left, we started doing our stuff. We wait until my whole family fell sleep. It was like 3 am (I still remember the time). My mom put a mattress right next to my bed so he could sleep there.

Once in my room, we started kissing each other and got completely naked. It was a lot of passion and that dick really needed attention. I started sucking it, and he started fingering my ass.

I could hear him moaning from pleasure. To my surprise, he turned me on my back and grabbed my legs and started eating my ass. He said, Your ass feels so tight, let me get some butter and so that I can stick it in you.

When he came back, he tried to fuck me using butter as a lubricant, but I was so fucking nervous and scared about that big arab cock inside of me, I couldn’t do it.

We did a lot of foreplay, a 69, I ate his ass and he liked it. We kept kissing and jerking off each other. I remember that he told me, I kiss better than my sister lol.

I started sucking his balls and dick, and I was enjoying that dick at the same time that I was thinking “I can’t believe that I’m doing this. I can’t believe that I have his dick in my mouth.”

I kept sucking until I heard, “Swallow my cum. I’ll give it to you all of it..Suck it) It was like an hour of pleasure until I heard ”I’m cumming…I’m cuuuumminggg. swallow..ahhh) and Kabooom!!!..That was a volcano of cum…!!! He was so loud that I had to put my hand on his mouth!!!

I said, “Asad shhh…you can wake up mom and pop.”

He said, you suck it so good.

After this, we kept seeing each other and having wild sex for almost two years. I was feeling guilty cause we even had sex more than once on my sister’s bed.

All this happened until he and my sister got divorced, and then he got married again, and I fell in love with another guy.

Since then, we moved to different towns. I didn’t see him again, until one day (this year) I saw a pic of him in FB and I had a flash back!!! It was like a porno movie running through my mind…lol…

I wish I could go back and I could see him and revive those wild moments of sex.

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I sucked off his cousin Amir


Well, I’ve been sucking this straight guy named Hassan or ‘Huss’ for short, for a long time. He comes over, and I suck him while he drinks a beer or watches a straight porn. A couple of times he’s fucked me, but mainly I suck his dick.

His dick is a good size, about 8 inches, cut, like most muslim guys, it gets real hard, and he likes to get sucked a lot. He’s straight, so he doesn’t really get into the sex, except for the part when he’s about to cum. At this point, he gets all into it, breathes really hard, and grabs the blankets with his big muscular hands, and then thrusts real hard into my mouth as he cums, or else he pushes my head down into his dick to feed me his big fat arab cock.

Well, the interesting this is that Huss has a cousin named Amir who looks like a mix between a hot lebanese guy and an Italian. He’s super fucking hot. I would love to make a gay arab porn with him.

Well, there was a time where Amir was getting separated from his wife, and he was real horny, he was hanging out with Huss. Although they didn’t talk about it, Amir knew that I was gay, and I’m sure he also knew that I was sucking off his cousin.

I don’t know what conversation happened between Amir and Huss, but it was arranged that I should kick it with Amir this certain night. I picked up Amir in my car, and then we headed to my house where he was supposed to watch some porn movies.

As I drove past this ghetto Spanish club, there were 2 fat women crossing the street, and Amir said, “Damn, they look fine, I’d fuck them.” I told him they were fat and ugly, and he said, “Right now I’m so horny, I’ll even fuck that old man standing right now.”

I knew that was a big hint that he would let me suck his dick.

Well, I took Amir to my house, and put on a porn video for him, and a couple of times he asked me if I could bring a girl over for him to fuck, and of course I said no.

Then Amir started to ask me questions about my sexuality, and I knew he wanted me to admit that I was gay, and I knew he wanted me to come onto him. I told him I was gay, but I didn’t make a move on him. He even asked me if I messed around with his cousin Huss, but I didn’t want to betray Huss’s trust, so I did not admit that, even though he kept asking me for info.

To make a long story short, Amir kept saying that he was horny and had to fuck, and he had to have a girl. Finally, I was horny too and got tired of the games, so I moved onto the bed where he was laying and I started to grab his dick.

Then he looked at me surprised and said, “What are you doing?”

The idiot either was acting like he didn’t want it, or he was really surprised that I was touching him, or maybe it was just that he wanted a blow job but this was his first time being touched by a man so he was nervous. I think this is what was happening.

Well, so I started to jack him off, and he had a nice thin cock. It was cut and kinda of bushy, and it felt real hot and nice in my hand. Amir was insecure because he thought his cock was too thin, it was on the thin size, but nice and straight and throbbing and really hot in my hand. I knew this cock needed a really good sucking.

So I jacked him off for a while, and he said it felt good and he was horny, and he kept asking me if I suck dick. I played hard to get, but then finally I bent my head down and started to lick his dick head which was real smooth and it was perfectly circumcised.

I licked the head, and I felt all this sexual energy go over me, I was getting so horny. I dove down on his dick, and took his dick all the way in my mouth. Amir just let out a sigh of relief, and when I was all the way down, I locked my lips hard around the shaft of his cock, and I kept the suction up as I moved back up his cock.

I kept sucking him really good, and he kept asking me, “where did you learn to do that?” He kept asking me if sucked off Huss and if Huss had fucked me, and I told him I don’t talk about people.

Amir even wanted to fuck me, but I said no. I just wasn’t in the mood, and I don’t get fucked a lot.

Instead, I kept sucking him, and I told him that maybe next time he could fuck me.

Throughout this time, Amir kept telling me what a good cocksucker I was and that girls do not suck as well as I do. So of course that made me want to suck him better, up and down, as I swallowed his nice dick, and I played with his hairy bush with my fingers.

I did like the length of his cock, and how hard it got, and that he had a nice shaped head, and that it took him a long time to cum, and his precum had a nice taste to it.

After I sucked him for a long time, and enjoyed that straight dick of his that had never been sucked by a guy before, he wanted to cum. He thought I wanted him to cum outside my mouth, but he got real happy when he found out I wanted him to cum in my mouth.

When he was about to cum, he put his hand on the back of my neck and pushed me down as he let out a big moan, and fucked my mouth real hard and fast.

After we were done, Amir changed, and he acted guilty like he regretted what we had done. I got surprised because earlier he gave me a lot of hints that that’s what he wanted, plus he gave me a lot of compliments while I sucked him, so I was surprised that he was acting guilty afterwards.

When he left, I gave him my phone number, and asked him to call me so we can kick it again. By the way he was acting, I knew he was not going to call me again, and he didn’t call me, which is too bad because I enjoyed sucking his dick.

I would love for both of them to have a 3 some with me. 3 hot arab guys fucking around just drives me insane.

Hey, it’s no fun if the cousins don’t share!


Rabih fucked me so hard. He was the best muslim cock i have tasted


My name is Ahmed. I am 24 years old with an athletic body. I love hot muslim guys around my age. Lebanese or any type of arabs make me insanely fucking horny. I work out a lot in my free time and I have a 8.5 inch cut cock. I started going to the gym near my school to work on my upper body. Then I noticed this really buff guy by the name of Rabih but he prefers “Ray.” He looked so fucken ripped, I knew that I wanted his cock inside of me. He was apparently in a boxing team and was teaching an intro course for those who wanted to know how to box.

I applied to his seminars and I made sure I spend my time with him to lead him on. I was getting buffer the time I was with him. I managed to get some private coaching from him at his place. One day I went to his place and we worked out in his weight room. When we ran out of things to use to work out, he said he knew another work out method that requires two people. He got on pushup position and told me to get on top of him and wrap my arms around his chest.

When he said that, I started to get a little hard. I did what he said and I think he felt my boner pressing against his ass as he went up and down. Then he told me that he would do the same to me. As I was going up and down, I could feel his cock pressing on my ass and I loved it. After we finished our work out, we took off our shirts to cool off and just sat talking. He told me that he wanted to go out tonight to get some pussy at some party. I laughed and said that “Your dick aint big enough to tap pussy.” He got up and pulled down his shorts and showed me his huge 9 inch cock.

I said “Damn dude. Doesn’t look that hard like your chest.” He said, “Show me yours then and let’s see how hard you get.” I pulled down my shorts and had my cock hard as a rock and started stroking it. He said, “Damn bro, you sure get hard easily” and then placed his hand on my cock and started stroking it. I said “Only when you’re around.” I took some pre-cum from my fingers and put it in his mouth. He licked that shit dry. I brought him closer to me and started making out. I was kissing his neck and he told me “I’ve wanted to fuck you for a while now.” I told him “Me too. What kept you waiting?”

We had our arms wrapped around each other. He pushed me up against the wall, lifted one of my legs with one hand and fingering my asshole with the other. He told me he wants me to take me to his room to fuck, but I said that we should fuck where we were because the weights and the mirrors turned me on. I laid him down on the floor and started kissing his hard chest and made my way down to his cock. I got to his dick and started deep throating that 9 incher down. My eyes watered as he kept pushing my head down further to ball level, and I didn’t care. His cock is all I wanted. He started to moan and telling me he loves it. Then he said, “Hey bring that pretty dick of yours over here and let me suck it.”

We spent a while 69 each other. He even licking and fingering my asshole. I got up and said that I wanted him to fuck me. I reached to my duffle bag and pulled out some condoms and lube. He was surprised to see me prepared, and I told him that I knew that we’d end up fucking sooner or later. I put one on his cock and lubed it up. I got on top of him (cowboy position). His dick fucking hurt like a bitch. I started going up and down on his cock and I moaned with pleasure.

I kept telling him that I loved his cock in me so much. He pushed me off, bent me over, and started eating my asshole. His tongue licking my hole felt very nice and hot. But not as hot as when he started fucking me doggy style. He shoved that cock so deep in me and fucked me crazy rough. He spanked my ass and even pulled my hair. When I started to get a little too loud, he pulled me in for a kiss so I could shut up. He stopped and was ready to fuck me missionary. He leaned over to grab another condom because it was full of his juicy cum. But I said no, and I went down to suck that cum off his dick and to lube it up. I told him to fuck me bareback.

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He lifted my legs up and began to shoving his dick in my ass. That dick felt so great in my ass now that it didn’t have a piece of rubber between it. He fucked me so hard and we made so much grunting noises it sounded like we were doing a hard workout. He came inside my asshole and it felt awesome. He pulled it out and we started stroking together. I came on my chest and some squirted to my face. Rabih came closer and came in my mouth. Now I was just lying on the floor with his cum in my mouth and asshole and my cum on my chest. Rabih said to me, “Where have you been all my life?”

We then showered afterwards and made out some more in his bed. This was probably some of the best gay arab sex i have had in ages. It was the stuff porn dreams are made out of.



Fucking Abdul at my dad’s house

fucking-abdul-gay-arab-sex-pornPlease make this story anonymous.

I know it’s a little long, but I will try to describe it as it happened.

It all started on at my dad’s house. As usual, my dad was having a cook out. His friends from work were there. There was his friend Abdul, just looking at me and just giving me these flirty winks and licking of his lip as if he was about to eat something yummy.

He is an older man around 35 or so. My dad employed him a few years ago. He came from Iraq and didn’t really know much english. He’s about 5’9”, light skinned Iraqi with hazel eyes and juicy lips. He had a lil 6 pack going on cus he worked in construction. I’m also Iraqi, 5’6”, dark skinned 170 lbs, with brown eyes and black hair. At that time I was 18.

So everyone was drunk and started leaving. Abdul said to my dad, hey dude, I’m already really drunk. You think your son can drop me off at my house?

Dad said, yes he can but if you want you can spend the night. His room has 2 beds!

He said he would stay.

Well, again dad went off to bed, and I told Abdul to go to bed. I was gonna bring in all the stuff my dad left outside. He said, Hurry up son, I want to eat your little ass)

That turned me on, so I hurried and went to the bedroom. I knew dad was knocked out already cus he was snoring.

I walked into my room, and Abdul was ready. He was naked in bed waiting for me. That man’s dick was perfect in every way. Big fat juicy arab cock and hairy with nice low hanging balls.

So I went to him and he tore my clothes off. He kissed me so passionate that i just wanted it more. He sucked my nipples and played with them. He was sitting on the bed with his back against the wall. He made me stand up in front of him to suck my dick. He was sucking on it like really good. As he was sucking on my dick, he got a hold of my butt cheeks. His rough hands were grabbing my smooth butt cheeks, and he would spank them. I would moan with such pleasure. Fucking around with arab guys seriously drives me insanely wild. I wished I filmed this stuff. It’s like the perfect gay arab porn sex movie ever. lol

He turned me around and bent me over to get my ass right in front of his face. He ate my ass and tongue fucked me. It was one of the best pleasures he has given me. I was moaning beyond control but i had to keep the sound down.

All of a sudden we switched positions. He sat me down where he was sitting on the bed. He stood up in front of me. His beautiful manhood was right in front of me waiting to be sucked. I was almost hypnotized by such beauty. He said,”Suck it habib. Suck my cock. You will love my arab cock..

I obeyed his every command. His big head was so swollen. I sucked on it as if there was no tomorrow. He moaned with pleasure which got me hornier hearing him and i did it more. He asked me to suck his balls which i did at his command. His balls were hanging low and huge. They were beautiful and dark and juice.

He commanded for me to tilt my head back and open my mouth. I did and he walked forward, dipping his huge balls in my mouth. I loved it. He said to me, yeh thats right suck them. You suck them so good.

He face fucked me, making me gag as he would thrust his cut arab dick in my hungry mouth. Then he asked if i was ready and i didn’t reply, I just got on all 4s. I was totally surprised cus he said it was his turn getting fucked in the ass. He said, “I want you to fuck me hard. I want you to drill me harder than ever before.)

I was nervous. I could see his asshole pucker up just begging to be fucked, so I went ahead and rammed it in almost violently to which he let out a loud moan with pain and pleasure. I apologized to him but he said, “Shut the fuck up and fuck me really good like i fucked you last time.)

I did as he commanded. I showed no mercy to him as i fucked him hard and deep. I could feel him squeezing my dick with his asshole. I understood why he moaned. It felt great to have his asshole squeeze my dick. We changed position numerous times. He wanted his legs on my shoulders. He pulled me towards him so he could kiss me while i fucked him. He would whisper in my ear, “fuck me harder… come on fuck me harder”.

He would squeeze my dick from time to time, making me moan. I was tensing up and he felt it too. He said, “Fuck me hard and cum inside me”.

I shot load after load of hot thick cum inside this man. I could feel him grip my dick with his asshole and milked the rest of the cum out.

He asked me to suck his dick so he could cum. And I did. I sucked him for about 3 minutes and he exploded inside my mouth. It was my first time tasting cum. I swallowed, and I had a bit left on the side of my lip. He licked it with his tongue and made me suck it with my mouth. I sucked on his tongue.

He said he wants to keep doing it all the time, and I told him ok. He left a couple of hickies on my chest and on my butt cheeks because he said they were his territory. We went to bed and slept.

In the morning, I heard my dad leaving so I got up and went and asked him (around 7 am)where was he going and he said to do something really quick he would be back around 10 or 11 am. He said go back to bed, so i did but to Abdul’s bed.

Abdul had a morning wood so I released his monster from his underwear. Good morning to me, I thought!!! I woke him up with a nice blow job. I was in charge now and i fucked him again. He didn’t complain, but obeyed my every command. I fucked him raw until he finally told me to stop cus he was sore already.

So I grabbed him from his hair and stuck my dick in his mouth until I came inside his mouth. I made him swallow every drop of cum. We showered and waited on my dad to get back so we could drop him off.

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