When we got back to my house, I was still rock hard while my friend's cut arab dick was soft already. We immediately got back to our business. We turned the TV on and started to watch more porn.

While my cute friend worked on getting hard, I played with myself until I got even harder. We stood up and put our hairy dicks together. We rubbed our dicks together, head to head. This went on for a while 'til the room was getting a smell of fresh dick. We got too wet.

Then he said, “Suck me some more, slut.”

So I did what he asked for, and now his dick looked bigger because it was out of his boxers. I loved deep throating him.

Samir gave me a blowjob, while I gave him one. We got into a 69 position, rubbing each other's asses while we sucked like crazy.

It was bad, his dick was rock hard, and it tasted good. It was like having a big thick piece of brown cholocate in my mouth, but things got even hotter!

I helped him put his condom on, rolling the condom down his fat shaft, and making sure it didn't get suck on his hairs. It was very interesting, because it was then that I was able to feel the hotness of his dick. It was weird, because his dick has an upward curve like a thick banana, or a heavy club you can use to hit someone over the head. The funny thing is this curve is not visible to the eye, you can sense it only by touching it.

Then Samir tells me, “Bend over, Joe, I wanna fuck you. But I am not using a condom. I want my cock to feel your inside raw”

I did what he told me, and he opened up my hairy ass crack and started licking inside. At first my asshole was like a tight knot, but then he melted it and relaxed it, and he finally got a finger in there, wiggling it around, and I wanted him to fuck me so I pushed my ass back into his finger.

He got in position behind me, and then his thick dick started the attack. I felt the fat head going inside of me, and I felt like I wanted to take a shit. Only I didn't tell him that because I didn't want to turn him off. When his dick was half way in, I felt like something broke inside of me, and then all this pleasure came over me and I told him, “Come on foo, fuck me good.”

He started picking up the pace, and his balls were slapping against my hairy arab ass. I loved it. When he told me he was going to cum, he had his 2 hands on my ass and was moving me back and forth like he was kneading dough.

When he busted his nut, he reached around and pinched my nipples real hard, and I thought, cunt, fuck, that hurts!

Slowly he pulled the big dick out of me, and said that was good. Then he surprised me when he siad, “Now it's your turn, fuck me.”

The cutie got on his back, and I couldn't believe how good he looked. This fine ass homeboy was giving up his arab ass to me. I put his legs on my shoulders, leaned over to kiss him, and then started to penetrate him.

When my dick started to enter him, I felt hot chills going all over my body. His asshole was real tight, and I knew I was gonna shoot back. Just a few strokes, and I told him I was gonna shoot, and he said, “Go ahead fool cause it hurts,” so I fucked him real hard and stuck my tonge all the way in his mouth as I shot my hot arab cum up his tight ass.

I told him, “That's revenge” and we both started laughing.

At the end of the night, we agreed that that was only the beginning. We said that we where going to get together once again, if possible with more guys. We planned to seduce some of our friends that we knew were straight.

We will keep having the “meetings” to get some “work” done. Next time we hope that it involves more people. If we hook up with other guys, I will write the story and submit it to the web site. So keep an eye out on this web page, this story may be continued.

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