By Anonymous

Hey man, I'm sending this story from a temporary email since I'm DL. Hope you enjoy, it's kinda long. thanks. For context, I’m Algerian, light-skinned, skinny, and normal height.

Ever since I was a teenager, my family has been hiring the same construction company to do odd jobs around our house. They usually sent one of the same couple of Arab guys, and there was one in particular named Usman who always caught my eye. He’s young, but I had heard him mention having a girlfriend and a kid. He was sexy—a few inches taller than me (I’m only 5’6”), with broad shoulders, brown skin, facial hair and short hair. He would always grin when he saw me, calling me his friend. Other than that, he’s a pretty quiet guy.

One year my room needed a lot of work and so I was sleeping in the next room over. I had just gotten home from school and was changing when I heard Usman packing up his stuff. He opened the door into my temporary room just as I had dropped my white briefs to my ankles. I was wearing nothing else and looked up at him as he smiled, apologized, and stepped back behind the door. I pulled my briefs up to my waist, tucking my dick into the waistband and closed the door behind him, saying goodbye.

Next week, I tried the same thing. He apologized again, this time taking the smallest peek at my hairless skinny ass. I started getting bolder and the week after that I proudly lay down in my bed and played with my bicho through the fly in my shorts. I was so close to busting on my chest when Usman slowly opened my door and saw what I was doing. I quickly dropped my meat, pretending to be embarrassed, and turned to him. “Don't tell my mom” I asked.

He nodded, and I closed the door behind him.

The next year, Usman was back. This time he was working on a different part of the house and would leave his clean clothes in the basement to change into after he finished. I would always find a reason to be down there, looking through boxes or washing my clothes, when he came down to change. He would stand in the corner, drop his work pants to his ankles and slide them past his dirty boots. I would watch from across the room as he ran his hands up his big, hairless chest and pushed his sweaty shirt up over his head. I always hoped he would need to change his boxers one day, but I never got to see his cock.

The year after that, Usman was working in the apartment above mine. No one was home and so I went upstairs to say hey. He was on a ladder in the bathroom and I knocked gently. I said hello and told him that I just wanted to apologize for the sexual stuff in the basement. He looked a bit confused and told me it was okay. So I said, “I think you’re really handsome, Usman.”

Then I finally let it out: “I want you to fuck me”

“Oh no, no my friend. I don’t have sex with men, only with women.” he said.

I didn’t believe him and looked up at him on that ladder, noticing that there was a bulge in his pants. I asked him why he was hard if he only liked women and reached out to touch his cock through his work pants. He paused for a while.

Then, I unzipped his fly and stuck my fingers inside. Usman unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to his knees. His junk was sweaty from working and I could smell his musk. His cock was bigger than mine in length but oh my fucking god his cock was as thick as my wrist, and his balls hung low. Middle eastern cocks are the hottest cocks in the world. I reached out to grab his cock and saw that he was already pre-cumming. I looked up at Usman in awe, rubbing my hands up over his big pecs in admiration. I couldn’t believe my ears when he told me to suck it in a commanding voice. But I wanted more and told him I had condoms in my bedroom. He told me to go run and get them, so I did.

When I came back, he had pulled his pants back up but undid the button when I walked in. He leaned back against the wall, put his hands behind his head, and let me do all the work. I think he was used to fucking raw and so I rolled the condom onto his dick—it barely fit. He put his huge hands around my waist and pulled me back towards him until I felt his dick head press against my ass. Usman put one arm around my chest, bent me forward, and started fucking me deep

I was pretty inexperienced at the time and so my hole hurt a lot, but Usman came quickly. He pulled out but I sat back on his cock when I saw that he was already done. I started touching myself really hard until I busted all over the floor in front of us. I took the condom off of his dick, noticing spots of blood, and threw it in the trash. Usman turned around, pulled up his pants, and I left quietly. He grinned as I left.

Later that year, Usman was changing in the basement and I went down to say hey. I asked if he remembered what we did and he grinned, saying “Of course, I do..”

I asked if he wanted to do it again and took him into the dark part of the basement. He bent me over again, and I spread my legs happily. He fucked me quickly, roughly, and without stopping until he groaned and busted. I went back to my room and touched my wet hole until I came on my chest. We fucked in the basement a couple of more times that year.

It was always my dream to take him into my bedroom and have him fuck me properly with my legs in the air and him fully naked, not wearing his boots or pants or anything. Guess I’ll have to break something so we can have him back over to the house.

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