Please make this story anonymous I started working in a processing plant and that's where i met Ibrahim. 

He is Palestinian with a normal body but he is so fucking cute. He is about 5'7″ and has a very dark skin complexion. He has brown eyes and black hair. 

He doesn't speak much English but he understands a lot. I'm Lebanese about 5'6″, light skin with brown eyes and black hair. 

We worked side by side for some time and we became friends. Growing up as a gay muslim arab kid was hard so any friends are a bonus.

I would translate for him and since he didn't know many people he asked if he could hang with me and some friends. 

I said it was cool. We talked about his wife and kids in Palestine, soccer, food…..about everything in general.

One day he came to work and said he had a dream about me, but he didn't want to tell me. I asked why and he said he was shy. 

He said if i wanted to know just to go and hang out with him after work. There was this abandoned building near our work so we just kinda hung out.

He said he had always fantasized being with a man. He asked if i ever tried it or done it with a man. I lied and said no.

He then said if we could try it just to see what it's like and that i would make his fantasy come true. I agreed to help him out.

In no time my dick was hard as a rock. 

He was just watching my crotch as my dick was stiff inside my pants. I told him to get it out of my pants. 

He did and was just fascinated with my dick. My dick is about 7.5 uncut and real thick with round balls and a thick black hair surrounding it.

I guess he had never seen anyone else's dick but his own. I told him in arab… What are you waiting for, suck it.

He did suck it and really good for being his first time. I let him do everything he wanted to do with my dick.

He sucked it, played with it and stared at it. Then I started to suck his dick too.

I took all his clothes off and he took mine off. He had a smaller dick than me about 7 or so and thin. His dick was really dark as the rest of his body.

I kneeled and I was in between his legs. I grabbed his dick and i sucked it. 

Then he said,”Do it like they do it in gay arab porn on tumblr lol”. I started to do it, and I knew he was liking it because he was moaning and he just got me from my hair and face fucked me. 

Since he thought i never been with a guy before, he thought he was being too rough. 

Then he said, “I want you to fuck me hard with you arab cock just like they do in porn. Are you sure I asked? he said Yes. Fuck me like that! I want to feel your big arab dick inside my little asshole.

He wanted me to fuck him face to face so i put his little brown legs on my shoulders while i tried finding his hole. 

I put some spit on my fingers to lube his ass and guided my cock to his lubed up virgin hole. I could see he was nervous, but he kept his cool. Once i was in position, i pushed my dick inside. I must say it was a nice tight virgin ass. 

He gasped and made a face that i can only describe as pain. He was grasping the bed sheets with his fingers and whimpering like a little bitch that I had made him. 

I kinda felt sorry and asked him if he wanted me to stop. He said, “No! Fuck me good.” I obeyed and i fucked. Each thrust was a whimper which just got me going more and more. 

I like making my bitches happy and now he was one of them. After a couple of minutes of his ass getting used to me, I pulled out and got him on all 4s. 

I looked for his slippery hole and i just rammed it in there, making him squeal. I told him in his ear, “Now you're gonna feel all of it in your little asshole” He answered, “Fuck me good and nice and hard with your lebanese cock like the bitches you fuck”.

I rough fucked him and he took it well. 

I would pause to see what he would do and he would move and fuck him self on my hard cock. I loved that. I guess he was tired now cus he was saying, “I want you to come”/

I started tensing up, and he was feeling it cus i was going faster and faster, just pounding that little ass.

I finally exploded and filled his stretched boy pussy up with love juice! 

I just laid in the bed dripping wet in sweat! He laid next to me and thanked me for making his fantasy come true.

I said that's what friends are for to help in any way we can. He is now very social and talks to a lot of people. He has a girlfriend now. He calls me every now and then to “hang out” and drink and when he wants to drink that's code for he wants the dick. I go and fuck him.

My GF knows he's my “best friend,” so she lets me go to his apartment to “drink”! LOL The end!

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