It all started when my girlfriend’s brother named Rizwan and his girl moved in to my girl and my place since they were having a hard time with their housing situation. They lived with us for approximately six months.

I am bisexual and knowing I am one horny arab, I knew I had to just control my urges if any temptations came up or if it ever crossed my mind to fool with either my sister’s brother or his girlfriend since I didn’t want to cross the line and cause any drama between my girl and her brother.

But as time passed, I was becoming more and more attracted to Rizwan. Since he was my girlfriend’s borther, I fought hard to resist him and not become attracted to him.

One day his car broke down and they didn’t have the funds to fix it. So I had to take him to work every morning for about a month and a half or so.

At first we had quiet rides, but as the days passed by, we began to joke around on our way to drop him off. He would shrug me and push me gently, and I would do the same in return as we horsed around in the car.

Soon it just became a flirtatious thing. He would sometimes grab his dick casually the way guys do at times, and I would stare at it. He finally caught me staring at it one day, and he kinda gave me a smirk.

On one of the mornings that I was on the way to drop him off and as we joked around and pushed each other, he kept on grabbing his crotch and said he wanted a coffee and donuts and asked me to pull to the nearest stop.

As we got off the freeway, he told me to pull into this one ally near us, and I thought to my self WTF. He then told me to park. I did as he asked and he stared at me for a quick minute, and I stared back.

He then grabbed my hand and placed it on his pants and his shyt was fucking rock hard. I couldn’t believe what the fuck was going on. He waited to see if I responded, and I didn’t. Since I didn’t complain,  he just pulled his hard arab cock out.

No words were exchanged. I just went down on him and started to suck his manhood. As I kept sucking his fat dick, he just made small moans and pushed my head down, saying *** I’m Gonna Fucking Bust***

He pushed my head down even more and made me choke on it. He busted a big fat load. his fat circumcised cock was what all the gay boys dream of. I held his nutt for a bit inside my mouth as he squirted his last loads. Then I opened the door and spat it right out into the alley.

Then he surprised me when he pulled my dick out. He jerked me off and started to kiss me while I still had his entire arab cum flavor on my lips and tongue. I was so fucking horny and making moaning noises as well.

I could feel my warm sperm just building up and getting ready to explode. I told him I was gonna bust, and he put his face near my dick. A few seconds later, I busted all on him.

He then kissed me a bit longer. Then I cleaned up  and zipped each other back up, and continued driving to his job.

He got off the car and said, Laters man.

As time passed, we continued to jerk each other off and bust our good morning loads on each other. I had it in my head that he was a top since he never sucked me off, and as for me I had never bottomed so I knew I couldn’t see us getting further besides sucking and jerking each other off.

But one day when we were left at home alone by our girlfriends, he came out of the shower in a towel. He went into the living room and sat down and watched T.V. in his towel. We had never fooled around at home, and so I didn’t think this would happen here.

But he kept calling me over and telling me how good of a baseball game he was watching. As he was doing this, he was grabbing on his crotch. Then he pulled down his towel. He was rock hard. I started to jack him off but soon he turned around and was laying down on his stomach. My thoughts went blank for a moment, then I thought to myself, Damn this mudafucka has a nice booty. I wanted to lick it and fuck it.

I started to lick his hole aggressively, and he grabbed my head like he did in the car and pushed me down to eat him harder. His manly butthole was nice and wet.

I slowly went up and pulled my foreskin back and spat on my dick and slowly but firmly rammed my dick into his hole. That shyt felt good. I fucked him slowly but good. It was like we were making love without the love, getting out our quiet animal desire.

We fucked in silence. I believe it was just cause we were doing this out of horniness and not feelings. He started to moan loudly and with desperation. After 15 minutes I had the feeling that he was ready to bust a nut.

As he was busting his warm milk on his chest, I had my dick still inside his man hole. Each time his dick squirted, his ass gripped down on my dick like a tight little circle. I was fucking turned on by seeing his milk gush out from his hairy ass.

I soon started to breathe deeply. I told him I was going to bust and he held me held me tight and said just to bust inside of him. So I squirted my warm load deep inside his hole.

I was shocked once again that he let me do this since we both had girlfriends. We took showers and went about our day. We would sometimes watch gay arab porn together afterwards.

This shyt continued for months. We would ignore each other while our girls were at home, not wanting to draw attention to what was happening. It was difficult to ignore him. I wanted to fuck him all the time, but all of our schedules were just conflicting and our girls were always around.

There was a point in time when our girls even asked us if we didn’t like each other or what was the issue between us since we kept distance and didn’t speak much with each other. Little did they know what went on in the car and the times they left us home alone.

The day finally came when Rizwan and his girl moved out to their own place and were able to afford being on their own due to him being promoted at his new job and getting a raise. They went their way and so did we. We stayed in contact, but we just didn’t have the time to do anything since we didn’t want to get caught.

Till this day I think about those good moments I had with that hot arab guy.

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