I got down to his ass and then spread his ass cheeks and buried my tounge in between. Damn it was hot. He hardly hard any hair except for a few short rough hairs right around his tight clean asshole.

He moaned and squeezed his hole in excitement. So much anticipation was building both of us, aching for me to put my arab meat in his ass. I played with his hole with my tounge, shoving it deep as I could inside. Then I blew air up his ass and his little butthole puckered, and it made me hornier.

Then he clenched his ass and let it back out, opening his ass up for me again. I blew air in his ass, and his little butthole quivered again so I knew his hole was ready.

I bent him over, grabbed my cock and poked my head around his hole, putting just the head of my dick in and then pulling it out. I did this for a while while he begged me to give it to him, telling me how hot I was and how good my cock felt.

I started givving him more, teasing his ass with just my head in and out, in and out then thrusting it all the way in as he moaned in extasy. I did this for a while, then I pulled my cock out before I was going to shoot my cum all over. I kneeled down and began rimming his ass a little more. Damn it was hot.

He moan so fucking loud. I got back up and shoved my cock deep inside and started plowing this arab boi ass, asking how good it felt as he replied give it to me! Give it all to me!

I plunged his ass. I could hear the air I was pumping in him pop as I pulled it all the way out and shoved it back in. Damn this arab boys ass felt hella good, I continued fucking him when I heard him say “WAIT!” My ass muscles squeed just then and my body rose to its tipy toes as I shot my load deep inside his now worked ass.

He told me to wait it appeard because now we had another arab guy coming around looking for a place too take a piss. Another time I'll write and tell you what we did with that fine guy.

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