This happened to me a few years ago in San Francisco. I was really horny and bored one warm Sunday afternoon, so I went to a gay video store on Folsom Street to look for a little fun.

This place has a back room with video booths, and guys hangout there to hookup. Some of the booths have glory holes, but most of the time two guys will just go into a booth or in the fire exit stairs and get it on. You can suck and fuck without any interference from the staff. The crowd is very mixed: young to old, black, white, Arab. 

After standing around for about 10 minutes waiting for someone attractive, this fine young Arab walked in. He looked to be about 20 to 25 years old, had smooth medium-brown skin, black hair and was wearing blue soccer sweats and white soccer shoes. As soon as this guy came in, he looked straight into my eyes with his big brown eyes and went to the booth nearest to me while leaving the door open – a sure sign he was interested. 

I’m a good-looking, clean-shaven black man, 35 years old, 5’7”, with a smooth muscular body, and although I find that guys of all ethnicities can be attractive, I especially like arab men and find the feeling is mutual. 

I went into the booth with this guy and closed the door. We decided the place was a little small so we decided to go for a drive to an abandoned underground bunker. We began to feel each other up. This guy was very anxious.  As soon as he felt my hard dick, he opened up my zipper and tried to pull it out. My dick is 8” long and thick circumcised arab cock, so he had a problem trying to get it through the zipper. I had to push his hands away, undo my belt, open my pants and take it out for him. 

Once he saw it, he stroked it once or twice then dropped into a crouch and tried to swallow it in one gulp. I felt the head of my dick hit the back of his throat, but he just kept trying to swallow it. He grabbed my ass and literally fucked his own throat on my hard dick. I had to push him away and tell him to slow down, but as soon as I let him have it again, he started trying to swallow it again. It didn’t feel that good because he couldn’t take it past the back of this throat. 

Finally, I grabbed his head to keep him from going too hard and fast. I fucked his hungry mouth at my own pace, but every time I relaxed a bit, he’d try to swallow my whole dick and I’ve have to push him back. 

After about 10 minutes, I stood him up and we kissed. I opened up my shirt and let my pants fall down to my ankles. He took off his sweats, dropped his shorts, and flipped the front of his soccer shirt over his head. His body was smooth and brown and his ass was incredibly hard and round. His dick was about 7 inches, thick and dripping with precum. He told me his name was Emir.

I figured I’d show this boy how to suck, so I sat in the chair and pulled him towards me, licking up his precum as the head of his dick reached my lips. As soon as I took his dick into my mouth, he grabbed my head and began to fuck my throat hard. I had to push him back so I could enjoy every inch of his tasty Arab dick and not just have it shoved down my throat so he could hump and cum. It’s nice to have it rough sometimes, but this was not one of those times!

I got him calmed down enough to let me give him a nice deep blow job, which he really enjoyed. Then I turned him around and began to lick and softly bite his rock hard ass. That’s when I created a monster. He started moaning and pushing his ass at me, grinding it in my face. This drives me crazy, so my tongue quickly found its way to his sweet hole. He kept moaning and grinding as I ate his ass. 

Eventually, I stood up and placed my dick between his ass cheeks while kissing his neck. The arab boy loved having my dick in his ass crack, wedged between his sweaty cheeks, hard and hot. From the way he pushed, bucked and spread his ass, I could tell he wanted to be fucked right there and then. I whispered into his ear that I had no condoms and asked if he has any. He answered me by lowering his head and pushing harder against my dick.

Against my better judgment, I decided I was going to fuck him without a condom. I had to ride that hot, wild ass, tame it a bit. I spit down onto my dick and into his ass crack and let my saliva mix with our sweat. Holding his hips to keep him still, I placed the head of my big arab dick against his hole and held it there. The boy groaned and pushed his ass onto my dick in one hard motion. His ass was very tight; I was amazed at how he took my dick! I’ve had experienced bottoms complain about the thickness, and here was this boy taking it like a man and loving it.

I fucked his ass hard and deep with a nice even rhythm for about fifteen minutes; all he did was moan and enjoy it. His ass stayed tight and lubed the whole time – this boy was the perfect bottom. Just when I was about to start really pounding his ass, varying rhythms and strokes, he came without touching his dick. I felt his ass tighten and spasm and he kept moaning. So I let loose and filled his young ass with cum.

After we cleaned up we tried to talk, but he spoke almost no English, and I don’t speak Arabic. All I could figure out was that he lived with his family and loved my dick.

I have lots of other stories about hot Arab men I’ve met in California and even in my travels to Europe and the Middle East, including experiences at bathhouses in Lebanon, Israel and Egypt. I’ll try to tell more soon, especially about the married men I’ve fucked.

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