A little drop of pre-cum oozes out of his dick slit. I used my tongue to lick it up and off his dickhead. I start bobbing up and down on his cock, and a few pubic hairs tickle my nose and get between my teeth. I take his arab balls into my mouth, the smell of sweat and piss drift from beneath them, but I don’t complain. I love the smell of his manly dick.

He grabs the back of head and lifts his ass a little to fuck my mouth. He starts to moan and pushes my head down as far as it will go. His dick is so big and fat that I use my throat muscles to massage it. I love to hear him moan as he works that big arab dick down my throat. He makes me stop a while because he doesn’t want to cum right away.

When we start again we switch positions so he can fuck my face. He likes fucking my face until he shoots. I lay back on the sofa with a pillow beneath my head. He mounts my mouth and starts fucking. He fucks it nice and deep plowing his arab cock in my wet, warm mouth.

He has me pinned down with his dick in my mouth. I feel like a prisoner. I rub his ass and thighs as he fucks my mouth. He starts to moan and breathe heavy. I love seeing his huge circumcised arab cock fuck my face. All I see is his big dick moving in and out of my mouth. I watch his pubic hair move toward my face and his nuts slap against my chin. He knows I’m a good little cocksucker and fucks my mouth like a hot piece of ass.

Sometimes I think about how I started sucking dick, and why I like to give head. But once you start sucking dick it’s almost impossible to stop. And the guys don’t want you to stop. They want you to suck their horny dicks. So that’s what I do.

Finally he grabs the edge of the sofa and starts to fuck really hard. He starts to moan louder. His dick is rock hard and he’s moving it in and out pretty good. I know he’s about to cum soon. In the beginning he use to tell me when he was about to cum. But now he treats me like a bitch and just shoots his cum in my mouth. I guess he figures that’s what a good bitch is for. He moans again and again and finally shoots his load. I can feel his arab dick throb as he shoots his milky mess down my throat. He keeps it down my throat until I milk it clean. He likes me to clean it real good. And I do.

After a while he becomes soft and pulls out.

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