He keeps asking me to eat that man hole. He lowers down his asshole and then he asked me to stick my dick inside of him. Now as for me my dick is a lil over average. It’s like 8 inches and I’m cut like most arab muslim guys.

So when I go to stick my dick in, he tells me to just shove it in! When I go to shove it in he moans so loudly from this sex high, and I remember my dick having this warm feeling all over. I can feel all his ass lips around my thick hard arab dick, my balls are slapping him as I pound him really hard like he tells me. By this time his man hole is all dripping with ass juices from all the excitement and I’m sticking a finger in his ass as I fuck him and he lets out moans. So the by this time, I pull out my rock hard dick, and he tells me to go and get the bottle of lube from the table. 

So we clean up and then he tells me that was one good moment for him and asked me if I was willing to do it again just to let him know. He wrote down his number on a piece of paper before I left.

Well, this was one of the excitements in my life. Hope u enjoyed reading it.

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