Well, I've been sucking this straight guy named Hassan or ‘Huss' for short, for a long time. He comes over, and I suck him while he drinks a beer or watches a straight porn. A couple of times he's fucked me, but mainly I suck his dick.

His dick is a good size, about 8 inches, cut, like most muslim guys, it gets real hard, and he likes to get sucked a lot. He's straight, so he doesn't really get into the sex, except for the part when he's about to cum. At this point, he gets all into it, breathes really hard, and grabs the blankets with his big muscular hands, and then thrusts real hard into my mouth as he cums, or else he pushes my head down into his dick to feed me his big fat arab cock.

Well, the interesting this is that Huss has a cousin named Amir who looks like a mix between a hot lebanese guy and an Italian. He's super fucking hot. I would love to make a gay arab porn with him.

Well, there was a time where Amir was getting separated from his wife, and he was real horny, he was hanging out with Huss. Although they didn't talk about it, Amir knew that I was gay, and I'm sure he also knew that I was sucking off his cousin.

I don't know what conversation happened between Amir and Huss, but it was arranged that I should kick it with Amir this certain night. I picked up Amir in my car, and then we headed to my house where he was supposed to watch some porn movies.

As I drove past this ghetto Spanish club, there were 2 fat women crossing the street, and Amir said, “Damn, they look fine, I'd fuck them.” I told him they were fat and ugly, and he said, “Right now I'm so horny, I'll even fuck that old man standing right now.”

I knew that was a big hint that he would let me suck his dick.

Well, I took Amir to my house, and put on a porn video for him, and a couple of times he asked me if I could bring a girl over for him to fuck, and of course I said no.

Then Amir started to ask me questions about my sexuality, and I knew he wanted me to admit that I was gay, and I knew he wanted me to come onto him. I told him I was gay, but I didn't make a move on him. He even asked me if I messed around with his cousin Huss, but I didn't want to betray Huss's trust, so I did not admit that, even though he kept asking me for info.

To make a long story short, Amir kept saying that he was horny and had to fuck, and he had to have a girl. Finally, I was horny too and got tired of the games, so I moved onto the bed where he was laying and I started to grab his dick.

Then he looked at me surprised and said, “What are you doing?”

The idiot either was acting like he didn't want it, or he was really surprised that I was touching him, or maybe it was just that he wanted a blow job but this was his first time being touched by a man so he was nervous. I think this is what was happening.

Well, so I started to jack him off, and he had a nice thin cock. It was cut and kinda of bushy, and it felt real hot and nice in my hand. Amir was insecure because he thought his cock was too thin, it was on the thin size, but nice and straight and throbbing and really hot in my hand. I knew this cock needed a really good sucking.

So I jacked him off for a while, and he said it felt good and he was horny, and he kept asking me if I suck dick. I played hard to get, but then finally I bent my head down and started to lick his dick head which was real smooth and it was perfectly circumcised.

I licked the head, and I felt all this sexual energy go over me, I was getting so horny. I dove down on his dick, and took his dick all the way in my mouth. Amir just let out a sigh of relief, and when I was all the way down, I locked my lips hard around the shaft of his cock, and I kept the suction up as I moved back up his cock.

I kept sucking him really good, and he kept asking me, “where did you learn to do that?” He kept asking me if sucked off Huss and if Huss had fucked me, and I told him I don't talk about people.

Amir even wanted to fuck me, but I said no. I just wasn't in the mood, and I don't get fucked a lot.

Instead, I kept sucking him, and I told him that maybe next time he could fuck me.

Throughout this time, Amir kept telling me what a good cocksucker I was and that girls do not suck as well as I do. So of course that made me want to suck him better, up and down, as I swallowed his nice dick, and I played with his hairy bush with my fingers.

I did like the length of his cock, and how hard it got, and that he had a nice shaped head, and that it took him a long time to cum, and his precum had a nice taste to it.

After I sucked him for a long time, and enjoyed that straight dick of his that had never been sucked by a guy before, he wanted to cum. He thought I wanted him to cum outside my mouth, but he got real happy when he found out I wanted him to cum in my mouth.

When he was about to cum, he put his hand on the back of my neck and pushed me down as he let out a big moan, and fucked my mouth real hard and fast.

After we were done, Amir changed, and he acted guilty like he regretted what we had done. I got surprised because earlier he gave me a lot of hints that that's what he wanted, plus he gave me a lot of compliments while I sucked him, so I was surprised that he was acting guilty afterwards.

When he left, I gave him my phone number, and asked him to call me so we can kick it again. By the way he was acting, I knew he was not going to call me again, and he didn't call me, which is too bad because I enjoyed sucking his dick.

I would love for both of them to have a 3 some with me. 3 hot arab guys fucking around just drives me insane.

Hey, it's no fun if the cousins don't share!