My dad owned his own construction business, and he had of course workers. He always had his employees around the house. He would throw BBQ’s and invite them over, eat , and drink, and when they drank, they drank hard. Some of them would drink hard to the point of being drunk.

One of his workers was a 38 year old Syrian guy, recently arrived from Syria. His name was Omar. He was 5’9”, 190 lbs., you know stocky, with thick workers legs and arms, short hair, not bald but short . He was one of my dad’s friends who found out I was gay, so when he drank he would joke around with me on the DL. He would always talk about how he wanted to make some arab teen porn with me. Gay arabs fucking turns me on all day every day so even though he was joking I would always fantasise about it anyway.

When he would find me alone , he would tell me that his cock is hard and that if I wanna suck it.

So one day he was very drunk, and he saw me go into the garage to get my CD’s from my dad’s Tahoe, and he followed me.

He was wearing just a plain white shirt and some jeans with some running shoes. I was wearing some basketball shorts and my wife beater. I am 5’8”, average built, 165 lbs., with short hair also.

He went in and locked the door. He came up from behind, grabbed me and pressed up against me, and then he turned me around and said, “Suck my dick”.

I said, “Shut the fuck up,” and tried to walk away, but he grabbed me again and pushed me up against the SUV, and he kept rubbing his cock while telling me, “What faggot, suck my dick, don’t act like you don’t want to.”

All I could see is his shit was a huge ass bulge. So he got my hand and put it on his bulge.

“My dick is burning, suck it for me.” he said.

So I turned him around so his back could be against the truck, and I got on my knees and started undoing his pants. As soon as I pulled them down to his knees, I started to suck on that shit. I was licking it with my tongue and sucking on his head. His cock was pretty big 7 inches with a thick ass head and shaft. It really looked like a mushroom head.

While I sucked on his cock, he would moan and say, “Oh, faggot, suck my dick, suck it good. Like that, little faggot. You like, right?”

So I deep throated him, and he was moaning hard. I started to lick his balls and suck on that shit hard.

He then got me up, turned me around, pulled down my shorts and rammed his cock into me. I screamed, but he covered my mouth. He told me while ramming it into me, “Don’t act like you don’t like it, faggot. Take it like a fag, fucker.”

He was pounding his dick hard into me. I was fucking loving it. He was licking my neck and groaning like a fucken ape and shit, while he told me that he loved my fucken ass.

His pants were around his knees as were mine as he rammed his dick into me. It hurt like a bitch, but I was loving it.

He kept pounding so hard that we both were now moaning and groaning. He told me, “You like it, faggot?”

I said, “Yes, I love it. Don’t stop.”

He then said, “Holy shit. I’m about to cum, I’m gonna throw everything that’s mine into you.”

So the closer he got, the louder he was and the harder he pounded. Then he groaned loud as he busted his nut in me. I came with him at the same with him, jacking off my shit as fast as I could. I could feel his dick throb in me as he busted his nut. He kept on ramming it in as he was finishing.

After he came, he left his dick in me and told me, “Don't tell anyone.”

He pulled out, got his pants up and buttoned them up as I pulled up my shorts. He then just walked away. I just stood there like, “Damn, that was a bomb ass fuck.”

I then left and we both acted like nothing happened . At least once a week when he comes over, he will get me alone and we will fuck like animals, so it’s all good.

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