I sucked that Arab cock nice and slow, and soon enough i began to feel him pushing into my mouth. he was enjoying it alot! So as i sucked it, he takes his hand and puts it in my pants, with his index finger going into my asshole. I was feeling it, feeling so fucking good. 

He's fingering my hole, while im sucking his circumcised Arab dick…raising each other's sexual level to “fucking” mode.

He asked, “wanna fuck?” and right away, i pulled his dick out my mouth and asked him, “Do you have a condom?”

“Yes,” he says. 

So he takes a condom out, a big one, and opens it. He passes it to me, and says, “Put it on.” So i put the condom on his cock, his nice fat cock, and I sat doggy style between his seat and mine. He adjusted himself, and proceeded to penetrate my horny ass.

I said, “Habibi, please go slow.”

He sticks it in hard. he didn't care, and began to move fast.

I said, “Habibi, please…slow.”

So he does it slow, and soon does it fast. But let me explain, he did this so fast, that i literally felt i was getting raped. He grabbed my fucking shoulders, pushed his cock all the way in and out at the speed of about someone being on 20 pounds of cocaine!

I was moaning and groaning as his Arab cock penetrated my victim ass, and he grabs onto the metal in front of me to gain some strength to push in. We were moving, fucking so good, when i moan and moan, and suddenly i hear him moan…it is so fucking sexy to hear a guy fucking moan when he is about to cum.

He moans, and suddenly stops…he was cumming. I look back, and see his legs by my side, nice and strong. Thick. Very fucking male. I look at him, still sitting doggy style, and see him looking to the side, feeling the ecstasy of his cumming…I kept pushing back and forth, feeling his cock.

He pulls out, and i take the condom off. I then pull up my pants, and throw the cum-filled condom out onto the ground. He turns on the car, and drives me back. And again, that was another story for you guys to enjoy!!

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