Well, he is a soccer player Arab guy with a beard and big legs, 30 years old, about 5 ft 7. I said, I am going to make my move. We were partying and getting buzzed. So I started to mess with him and tease him that my cock was bigger than his, and if you are Arab, you know that men will brag even if they aren’t packing.

After the bottle of tequila was almost empty, he said, “I have to piss,” so he got up to go the restroom.

When he came back, his dick was hanging out of his pants.

I said, “Damn you have a huge cock”

He said, “Now let me see yours.”

I was immediately hard, and he had at least 8″ of cut Arab COCK. I have 6″ of cut Palestinian cock.

He said, “I won the bet,” and I said, “We didn’t bet anything.”

He said, “Now you have to suck it”.

We made our way to a nearby abandoned carpark.

So I dropped to my knees and sucked that massive Arab cock. I loved the fact that he moaned and talk dirty to me in Arabic.

I sucked it all till he shot a big ass load in my hot mouth. It was so much it was dripping all over my moustache.

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