“Fuck me Aryan,” I groaned.

He sat up erect still inside of me. He pushed his whole fat arab dick into me, and I was in heaven. I could feel his balls slapping on my ass, it felt like each one was flapping against each side of my ass as he thrusted deep into me. I could see him sweating, and a few drops dripped down on my stomach from his forehead. 

“I wanna ride you habibi,” I said.

He pulled out and I stacked two pillows against the head board and had him lie down, then I sat on him facing away from his face and started to sit on it. I get turned on to ride it like this, but he said loud, not angry but quick and forcefully, “No, no, how ‘bout you face me so I can look at you?”

I smiled and turned around and sat down on his fat muslim dick and started to ride him. He reached up and started playing with my nipples as I went up and down on his meat. I started to cum and I shot all over his stomach.

He lifted himself up, holding me in his arms and flipping me over. He laid me down face down, and started to fuck me. I could tell he was getting close when he let his whole body weight rest on me and was using only his hips to hump the hell outta my tight ass.

I looked over in the mirror and was positioned perfectly to see his toned arab ass muscles flex with each thrust. I could see his taking my ass with every push, and I was getting hard again, just then he moved my head to his and our eyes met as he said, “Fuck yeah, you like me hitting this shit like that?”

I was so turned on I shouted, “fuck me harder, tear that shit up!”

I could feel him trying to give it to me even harder, and I fuckin started to shoot a second time.

“Damn! Fuck you! You do like this shit huh?” he said, then he shoved his whole arab dick inside me and put all his weight on top of me. I could feel his dick pulse in my hole, and for the first time I could feel his load shoot in side. He was exhausted and laid on top of me, still inside for a few seconds. Then he kissed me and slowly pulled out, saying, “Damn, you are more than welcome to come over and talk any time you want.”

We cleaned up and then went downstairs into the back yard, and he BBQ’ed dinner and I made some side dishes to go with the meat. Then we sat outside, ate and kept drinking.

I was getting buzzed and Aryan thought I should stay the night so I wouldn’t have to drive home buzzed. That sounded good to me so I went up to his room and we both crashed on his bed. As I was falling asleep, I knew that I planned to take him up on his offer to come over and talk some more. 😉 

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