It all happened one day by accident. I went by one of the many places where there are day laborers waiting on street corners to do a job such as painting, construction, landscaping. I stopped and asked one to help me with some painting. 

Let me describe him a little–short (around 5'4″), thin Egyptian Arab (with nice hard abs, as I will later find out), no English and really good looking. Since it was late in the day, he gave me his number & we were to start the next morning. But he asked me for a lift to his apartment.

He gets into my car & we start small talk and how he really needs money to pay for rent or the couple he lives with are going to kick him out. I tell him if he really needs money now that I was thinking of something to help him out—-& he wouldn't have to do a thing to earn the money. 

He kinda looks at me and grins. & I said somewhat shyly, “I don't want to offend you or anything, I'll suck you & give you $200 & you don't have to do anything. He says no, he's not that way, & I say, “No prob.” But then he starts grabbing at his crotch, with his paint-stained white painter's pants & says, now you got me hot.

So we drive over to a cheap motel, get a room, & get it on. The most exciting part is knowing these guys have little, if any, sexual experience with other guys. We started taking a shower & he's hard as a rock. 

I slowly start sucking on his 8 inch arab cock (big surprises in small packages was certainly true in his case)—& he's oozing tons of precum with excitement. I slowly start moving one of my fingers down to his ass & start massaging his hole while sucking him off. He barely flinches, which makes me a little braver. I barely inch my finger in, & slowly start pumping it in & out. 

Then I bend him over & start eating out that virgin arab hole. Man, what a treat. There is nothing more exciting than getting a straight guy to let you play with his asshole. We go to the bed & I return to sucking him off. I finally get him worked up enough that he says I can even stick it in his ass—-but says I'm not a fag, but you got me so horny. 

I barely get it in & he screams out in pain, I can't—-so I settled for sucking him off & he gave me the biggest load of hot Arab cum.

His cock was dark, thick and juicy. I could feel the pulsating excitement from his tip to his shaft. His huge muslim cock was sweet to suck. I loved throating every inch of his circumcised cock and he enjoyed every last moment.

I eventually hooked up with him about 3 more times, but then couldn't find him after that.

Since I had luck with him, I started thinking this might not be so difficult to find others interested. I always use the same line, “I have some work, bla bla bla” & then let the conversation turn to sex. Usually they will always complain how there are too many guys looking for work out there & there is not enough work & they don't have enough money to pay the bills.

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