I always had a crush on this guy named Tahar. I saw him the first time at a gay club named Circus, which is now gone. Tahar was taller than me, about 5’11 and muscular and masculine. I noticed that sometimes (but not always) masculine men tend to be a little dumb, like a caveman dumb. But it’s kind of sexy, like he will beat you over the head, then drag you by the hair into his cave and then fuck the shit out of you.

That is the appeal that Tahar had. He was kind, masculine and kind of dumb. I, however, wasn’t his type. I’m goodlooking and pick up on a lot of guys but you can’t win them all, as the saying goes. So instead I decided to become friends with Tahar, but secretly I had a crush on him, secretly I wanted to suck the shit out of his dick.

After hanging out with Tahar for a while, I found out that he likes feminine bottoms boys. Tahar is a top and real masculine like I mentioned, so he likes his boys fem and submissive. He also loves watching gay arab porn.

Tahar used to come to my house and chill sometimes. I have weights in my garage so we lifted weights and sometimes he took his shirt off and fuck he looked so good. That’s nothing more frustrating than a fine ass gay man who does not want your gay ass. Ha ha ha One night we partied at a club in North Hollywood, and then we took an Uber to my house. We were too drunk to drive. Tahar didn’t want to go home so he asked if he could crash in my house. I told him yes.

I have a big California king bed, so it has plenty of room for two people. By the time we got home, we were more sobre, we brushed our teeth and went to bed. For a while we talked about the night and guys we met, etc., and then we started getting sleepy so I turned off the light.

After a while, Tahar threw his arm over me and said, “Is it cool if I hug you?” I said yeah. Oh man, I was so excited. I was kinda trembling like as if I had the chills. But it was nervous trembling, I wasn’t cold. Oh man, it felt so good to have this big strong hand around my chest.

I pretended to be asleep, but I pushed my ass out a little. Not too much. I didn’t want to make it obvious. I didn’t touch him with my ass, but in case he wanted to touch me my ass was ready and available for him. I forgot to say, I have a nice round bubble butt, it’s one of the best features of my body. Unfortunately, my dick is small ha ha ha

Anyway, as the night wore on, Tahar kept getting closer and closer to me. And at the same time he pulled me into his body. We were spooning, so my ass was near his dick area. About four in the morning, he put his hard gay arab dick against my ass. I couldn’t believe this was finally happening, but I didn’t want to celebrate too early, I didn’t wanna scare him away. It felt like a gay arab porn scene.

I just kept acting like I was sleeping. Then he started rubbing his chin against my neck. He had like a week long beard which looked really hot on him and which scratched the shit out of me in a cool way. My body tingled.

“You awake?” he whispered in my ear.

I was afraid to say anything, so instead I just grunted. I acted as if I was awake but trying to go to sleep.

In respond, he pressed his dick harder into my ass and grabbed my hips, saying, “I’m horny.”

I knew he wanted it then, so I pressed my hard against his dick. He said, “You got a big ass. I couldn’t tell before cause you wear baggy pants.”

He grabbed my hips so hard, they hurt a little, but in a good way. As I mentioned before, he is like a rough dumb caveman.

Now we were both not hiding that we were horny, rubbing and grinding on each other. He kept biting my neck and hurting me and scraping me with his scratchy beard, so he was rough. His hands felt like iron clamps on his hips. I thought, Fuck, this guy doesn’t mess around, he is really is rough. I got a little scared since I don’t like pain. Ha ha I’m a bitch.

“Let me see your ass,” he said and pulled down my boxers. Then he went in between my ass cheeks and started eating out my ass. It felt like satin and sand paper, his tongue was smooth, but his beard scratched me so much. I was moaning and whrithing, sometimes pushing me ass back into him, and sometimes trying to pull away from him.

“I wanna fuck,” he said.

I don’t like getting fucked too often ‘cause it hurts, so instead I flipped around, grabbed his dick and started to pull his dick out of his boxers. He has a fat circumcised black arab dick, real thick and hard as a brick. I jacked him off and started blowing him. I loved sucking his dick. I had waited for so long, it was fucking worth the wait.

But he pulled me off his dick and said, “I like fucking.”

So there I was again, laying flat on my stomach, legs spread eagle, and he was eating my ass again. Fuck, I don’t get fucked often, but that shit felt good. He was really eating my ass good, tongue fucking me, stretching my hole, getting me ready, getting me in the mood. I think he knew I didn’t like getting fucked, so he worked extra hard getting me ready to want his dick up my ass.

After a good while, I thought fuck it, and told me, “Fuck me, but fuck me slow. I’m not used to it.”

He slapped my ass hard and said, “I’m gonna fuck you like I wanna fuck you.”

The slap stung but it lit a fire in my belly making me hornier. I wiggled my ass, wanting him more than ever.

He got on to of me. Fuck, he weighted a lot. He is taller than me and weights more cause he is very muscular. Damn, then I felt the blunt head of his dick head pocking my ass. It felt like a brick trying to go up my ass. I thought, Oh no, that shit ain’t gonna fit in my ass. As he started to push it in, he whispered in my ear, “You’re mine homie.”

It felt so good, and he was pushing it into my real slow, thank god, cause that shit was too thick.

“I wanted to fuck you for a long time,” he said, “but I thought you were a top.”

He kissed my neck, then my cheek and then my lips. We French kissed as best we could in the position we were in. He pushed his warm tongue in my mouth, and at the same time he went deeper into my ass. “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” I said.

He replied, “Oh yes oh yes oh yes.”

And he went even deeper. I moaned and whimpered like a pinned bitch, and he reached down with his rough sand-paper hands and spread open my ass cheeks even more so that his dick could have more access to my ass.

After a while, he started to fuck me real hard. Gay arabs love to fuck hard and deep like animals. When I got used to the position, he flipped over and got on his back and I was reverse cow girl riding him. As I was in this position, he pulled my torso back and lifted my legs so that my feet were in the air and my ass fully open to his assault. He fucked me so hard and good. Damn I didn’t know fucking could feel this good. So much better than just watching gay arab porn every weekend. Normally, I just give blow jobs.

Then he put me doggy style and fucked the shit out of me that way for a while. Finally he told me to get in his favorite position which he said was missionary, so he could see my face while he fucked me. Damn, he put me on my back and then lifted my legs real high on his shoulders so he could have full access to my ass. Fuck, I felt his dick all the way in my stomach. It hurt so good and felt bomb at the same time. When he came, he fucked me so violently I really thought he was going to break my back. Ha ha ha But of course, he didn’t it, it was just that he was using so much force. For a moment, I thought that I was going to get a heart attack too since I was getting too excited.

Getting close to cumming, he kissed me real deep and pounded the shit out of me. When he came, he moaned, saying, “Ah ah ah ah.”

He came inside my ass. My ass was all sore and sticky. It felt super loose like a sink could fall out of it. Ha ha ha But that is what happens when a fat dick fucks you.

I got up and cleaned my self. Then he said, “Sorry I was horny.”

“Don’t worry bro,” I said. “Go to sleep.”

“Yeah, I’m tired,” he said.

We went to sleep still hugging.

The next morning he was all embarrassed about what happened. I wasn’t embearrased but I was shocked that he left me bruises on my body and hickies on my neck. I’m telling you, he is a rough animal. After that day, we didn’t mess around any more, but that is fine with me ‘cause he is a little too rough for my taste, but at least I had a taste of him. Whenever I watch gay arab porn i think of this moment and i cum so quickly haha.

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