Juicy Arab cock from the gym

Hassan had a fat bulge you could see from a mile away. Egyptian men have the fattest juiciest cocks that drive me wild.

I work at a gas station in Redondo Beach, California. Fine ass guys always come here to put gas in their cars, and many times they wear sweat pants, shorts and sometimes even pijamas. So you can often see the bulge of their verga in their pants. I love for them to show up like that.

Every week a guy shows up before going to work or on his way to the gym. He comes about twice a week to put gas. He is about 25 years old, Egyptian, dark skinned, very masculine and with a very manly voice. His name is Hassan. Since the first time I saw him, I loved the way he looked. Middle eastern guys are so attractive to me. They are hot as hell. I often fantasise about shooting porn with them one day. So, he arrived with shorts to do exercise and I could see that he wore tight underwear because the shape of his arab cock was marked out and I could tell it was adjusted a little to the side. I used to fantasise for years about guys like this when i used to watch gay arab porn on tumblr.

Middle Eastern men turn me on more than anything else

I remember well that with the wind his short stuck to him more and made that egyptian cock stand out more. That time the gas station was busy, but I think he did notice how I looked at him because when he was filling up his tank, he looked toward the store. And when he finished filling up, he grabbed his cock and climbed into this truck.

A few days later I saw him again, and this time I got the courage to ask him how his day was going. He got surprised a little by my question, but he said, “Good, thank you. Here on my way to the gym.”

“Ah, cool. Which gym do you go to?” I said.

It turns out he goes to the same gym I go to which is 24 Hour Fitness. I told him it’d be cool if we went to the gym together, that it’s always better to go with someone to push each other to lift more weight. In truth, it was an excuse to go to the gym with him. He told me that was I said was true, and he gave me his phone number.

The next day I sent him a message asking him to go to the gym. Two or three days later we went to the gym together. We dedicated ourselves totally to doing exercise. I didn’t know how to be more direct in seducing him. I didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable. So we went several times to the gym together. Each time we went to the gym, I checked him out as he stretched. Every chance I got I would notice how his fat arab dick stood out in his shorts.

As we rested between exercises, he told me he had difficulty sleeping sometimes. I told him it’s good to drink a tea at night, and then after a jacking off is good too. He laughed and said nothing. He didn’t answer or comment. So I believed he got offended, but it wasn’t so.

We kept going to the gym together. In order to see his dick, I insisted that we do the bench press. When he is lying on the bench press, I can see his dick lifting his shorts in a delicous way. It looks beautiful. He knows that I look at his cock. Sometimes he notices, and his juicy fat cock gets a little hard. Sometimes he even adjusts it in his shorts so that he can hide it. When this happens, I look away so that he doesn’t get uncomfortable.

Finally, after 2 weeks of going to the gym three times a week, last week we went again. But this time he went to pick me up at my house. So we drove together and on the way back to my house, before I got out of his card, he told me he was really horny. He told me he had drank creatine and that that made him really hard.

I didn’t expect for him to tell me that. Even though I am sure he knew that I liked him a lot, I didn’t know how to approach him directly.

“A good jacking off always helps,” I answered him.

H said, “Yes, that’s sure to help me. As soon as I get him, I’ll jack off in order to sleep well.”

Then I got the courage and said, “Maybe a good blow job will help you more.”

He laughed and said, “Well, the blow job sounds good. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten sucked. lol”.

I didn’t know what to tell him then, how to answer or what to do in that moment. I got very nervous. I couldn’t let that opportunity pass, so I told him, “Well, the truth is there’s nothing like a blow job, fucker. You really are horny, huh? It looks like your zubb is going to come out”.

I could tell he was wearing tight underwar and even like that his arab circumcised cock made an outline. And I started to grab my own dick too. I told him, “now I’m getting horny too”.

It was night, but we were parked in the car outside my house. I couldn’t bring him inside my house because I live with my family. So I told him, “Start the car”.

Where to he asked.

I looked at him and said, “You want someone to suck you, right?”.

He looked at me and said, “yeh but who”

I told him you drive. I took him a dark alley near my house. There I told him, “Take it out. “.

He said, “Really? “

I said. “Yeah, take it out and I’ll suck it”.

He took out his cock. It was a beautiful circumcised cock. About 8 inches. The head was huge and so thick. Egyptian cocks are hot as hell.

I said. (Fuck, it’s really big.)

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He didn’t say anything. He grabbed me from the back of the head, and right there I started sucking him in the car. I adjusted his seat towards the back and got him comfortable.

I said, “I’m going to give you the best blowjob of your life.”

I swallowed that cock all the way to his pubes. I sucked the shit out of it. I sucked his balls. I caressed his hairy legs. He grabbed my head and pushed me down on his cock until it was all in my mouth. He said, “I’ve seen you watching me at the gym. I knew you wanted my Egyptian cock in your mouth the second you saw me)”.

I answered. (Yes, habibi. The truth is I did.)

I kept sucking him so deep and so hard. It was like a beautiful scene from a gay arab porn video. I loved it, licking the big head and sucking it like a lollipop. Then he said, (Let me fuck you, I know you want it. Let me go deep inside your ass and pound you like never before.)

I told him I didn’t dare in a car, that it was too dangerous because we were in the street. But he said, “Come on bro. I’m really horny. You already got me really hard, now let me fuck you.)

I acted stupid and kept sucking his cock, but he kept insisting, “Come on , let me fuck you.)

After he insisted several times, I told him, “better let’s get off the car and go into my garage.”

He said, “No way. I won’t want your family to see us. Let’s go to my place he said.”

I said, (Ok then, only a little.)

So we got to his place and the entire way I was grabbing his cock. He was driving me wild. Kept speaking to me in arabic and kept telling me how he is going to give me the pounding of my life. So we finally got to his place. He pinned me down. He told me to turn around and he put it inside of me all in one shove.

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I said “Please go slowly. Your cock is so big”.

He said, (I’m really horny, foo. Sorry.)

Then he stopped a few seconds while I recuperated from the first shove he gave me. He had only lowered his shorts a little. I thought he couldn’t fuck me good because his shorts would get in the way, so I told him, “Take your shorts off, “.

He lowered his shorts and I reached back and pulled him by his ass so that he could keep putting his cock deep inside of me. This time he did it more slowly and it felt more delicious. He had me from my back. He suported himself on my shoulders. He pushed his arab cock all way inside of me. He was really horny. I could tell he had a lot of desire to fuck me. And that turned me on even more. I said, “Come on Fuck me, Put it all in me.”

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He hugged me from behind and put his hand underneath my shirt, caressing me and fucking me. He fucked me for about 10 minutes although to me it seemed like more time. Then he told me he was going to cum and I told him to cum not to cum inside of me. He took out his dick, lifted my shirt and came on my back.

Afterwards, he put his dick in his pants and cleaned up. It seemed to me that he only cared about finishing, and he didn’t give a shit if I came or not. The truth is that I already started feeling attraction for him more than sexual because we were already sharing more. But he behaved very serious after this.

I fixed my clothes and I got back in the car. I drove away. He didn’t say anything and only when we were out of my house he said, “I think we should stop with this.”

I didn’t expect him to say this, but I got really angry that he told me this right after fucking me, so I said, “Yeh, it’s okay. We will drop it here”.

I got out of car and didn’t look back. I don’t know what’s going to happen. If he wants to fuck, then we’ll fuck again. But if he doesn’t want to, no problem. I’ll stay with this memory. The truth is that, even though it was uncomfortable, I really liked how this egyptian guy fucked me. Let’s see what happens in the future.

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