I'm sure you already know this otherwise you wouldn't be on our website. But there is an alluring quality about arab guys that is dreamy and seductive. A few weeks early another arab gay fucked me but I wanted to share this one with you guys as this was something i cant get out of my mind.

Meet Cairo. Super sexy smile, gorgeous in every way with the most beautiful bedroom eyes. He loves a good arab gay fuck.

 I could feel the weight of his arab dick sliding up and down my ass crack. While he was mumbling in arabic.  Though I was scared, I also lusted for this cock every time I saw him.  I knew that Cairo had been in prison, and the crew he hung with made it difficult to respond or say anything to him. With my hands grasping the brick fence my ass arched outward in the position he put me. 

His cock started pushing against my asshole. Hearing him spit, I felt his saliva  running down my ass crack to its target.  Holding his dick against my sphincter, my hole started giving way to accept his raw dick, Feeling him stretching me open, I screamed out feeling the head of his dick. He was down for an all out arab gay fuck and this was one pounding I know I would never forget.

 He grabbed my waist and pulled my ass onto a long thick shaft that slide slowly up my ass.  Biting my lips, I started moaning feeling his shaft sliding further up my ass until I felt his balls and the zipper of his pants against my ass.  Having his entire cock up my ass, he held it in there and started speaking Arabic, sliding his raw dick in and out of my ass. He was an intense arab gay fucker that I wanted to pound me so hard that I wanted to bleed.

 I never moved my hands off the wall, and kept my ass bent for his cock.  I could feel my hole pulsing and squeezing around his fat dick.  Damn it fucking hurt, but I also wanted him.  But I didn't want him to know that I was craving his arab circumcised dick.

 I could feel his hanging balls slapping against my ass every time he slide his raw dick up my ass, and feeling the effects of the joint which made me start to moan, which made him start smashing harder.  “You like that, slut?” he asked in a demanding arab tone. I've had countless times had an arab gay fuck me but this was something special.

He started pounding my ass faster.  In my horniness for Cairo, I reached back with one of my hands and grabbed his ass, while moaning.  He was all in. 

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