This past Christmas was a holiday to remember. My cousin Qasim was home in Southern California for the holidays having been going to college on the East Coast for the past year. We are a muslim family but we still kinda celebrate Christmas today as a holiday not so much a religious ceremony. Qasim is a tall, dark and handsome 19 year old.

Being a little over ten years his senior, I watched Qasim grow up to be quite a nice looking young man who was never at a loss for a girlfriend. He was an athlete when he was in high school. He played both football and water polo. Cousin or not, I couldn’t help but notice how good looking and well built he was. I’m sure he was driving the girls at his school crazy. I couldn’t help but picture what it must look like to see him in action. I pictured his big hard cock sliding vigorously in and out of all those hot wet young pussies. “Stop it,” I told myself. “He’s your frickin’ cousin.”

I spent Christmas Eve at my aunt and uncle’s (Qasim’s parents) house. When I arrived, Qasim was in the garage with our tios and his handsome older brother Frankie, enjoying a beer. The “21 and over” laws certainly don’t apply within our private family quarters. I could tell from his red eyes that he was a little buzzed. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. Qasim put his beer down long enough to give me hug.

“Hey, welcome home, cuz. Good to see you,” I smiled. While we embraced, I noticed how hard and developed his body had become since I last saw him. I wished I could drop my hands down lower to squeeze his firm ass cheeks through his tight Levi’s.

“Hey, cuz. Good to see you too. Hey, let me give you a hand,” Qasim grinned as he started to help me unload my presents from my car as well as some of the food items I had brought. After I made my rounds through the house saying hello to all the relatives, I finally sat down with Qasim and enjoyed a beer before diving into some food.

“Wanna go hang out in my room?” Qasim asked.

“Sure,” I smiled, eager to be alone with him and to get away from the noisy children and all the annoying questions from my older relatives. We grabbed a couple of Coronas and I followed my cousin to his old room down the hall where he shut the door behind us.

“God, it’s hot in here,” Qasim said, pulling his thick wool sweater off over his head, leaving him in a “wife-beater” undershirt. I tried so hard not to stare at him. I was startled when he peeled off his sweater revealing his muscular arms and chest.
“Yeah, uh…your mom has the heater on full blast,” I tried not to stammer.

“I bet this weather is warm to you compared to back east,” I said.

“Ah, it’s okay,” he shrugged, laying down on his bed. “You’re not gonna start asking me about the weather like all my aunties, are you?”

“No,” I laughed. “I know all the small talk must be annoying. Not to mention all the family shit we have to put up with, like our little cousins screaming and yelling.”
“It’s not so bad. Wanna watch something more adult than ‘A Christmas Story‘?” Qasim asked, as I sifted through all his DVDs on his shelf.

“I wanna watch something more adult, but I’m not talking about something rated “R”. Got any pornos?” I joked.

Qasim smirked and rolled over to reach under his bed where he pulled out a cardboard box filled with DVDs. Of course, they weren’t family DVDs. He had a whole stash of pornos under his bed…like any healthy Arab male, myself included. Of course, mine are of a slightly different genre.

“Holy shit! You got a lot of pornos. What a total perv,” I teased.

“Like you don’t,” Qasim laughed, kicking off his sneakers.

“Actually, I have way more than this,” I admitted laughingly. “You’re an amateur compared to me.”

“Pick something,” he said. After fumbling with his DVD player, I put in something called “Carnival In Rio” or something to that effect. It featured a massive orgy under a huge party tent somewhere in Rio de Janeiro or something. It was pretty hot. There were plenty of hot guys in there fucking these Brazilian babes. It wasn’t a total clamfest.

I sat on his desk chair beside the bed where he was lounging. “Wow, this is fucking hot!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, I don’t get to see too much at school. I’m always so busy studying. I kinda missed my pornos.”

“You mean you actually study at school?” I laughed. “There’s a concept. I wouldn’t think you’d have a chance to miss your pornos living on campus with all those hot college babes running around.”

“Oh, there’ve been a few now and then,” he grinned. “But really, my classes are so fucking hard, I have to study all the time. I barely get a chance to take care of something else that’s hard,” he said, grabbing his crotch. I swear I could’ve cum on the spot. “Plus I have no privacy with my two roommates who always have their dumb friends over.” Qasim’s hand never left his crotch. He was actually rubbing his hard cock through his jeans!

“Shit, how do you take care of your personal business?” I suddenly asked, eager and curious.

“What personal…Oh, you mean jacking off?” he chuckled. “Sometimes I go to the bathroom or wait ‘till everyone’s asleep. A few times, my roommates and I have even done it together.”

Forget it. I was now standing at attention in my black Dickies work pants and had to squirm a little for adjustment. “Oh really?!” I stammered.

“Oh quit trying to sound all shocked. Everyone does that,” he said, throwing a pillow at me. “You should know what goes on in college. You’re an old man.”

“Fuck you! I’m the same age as your brother, asshole!” I laughed smacked him in the head with the pillow. “Well, OK. Maybe a couple of years older than him.“

Actually, I remember his big brother, Ahmed and I jacking off together when we were young, but that’s another story.

“Hey, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Right?” he said.

“Are you sure you don’t need to be alone?” I said like an idiot.

“It’s all good. Is that door locked?”

I reached over to lock his bedroom door. “It is now,” I said.
“Cool,” Qasim undid his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and reached into his white boxer briefs and rubbed his hard arab cock.

I came really close to asking him ‘What the fuck are you doing?’ when I stopped myself. I scolded myself thinking ‘What the fuck am I doing? The guy’s horny and lonely or something…who gives a shit?! Don’t fuck it up!’ “This video’s fuckin’ hot,” I said, openly rubbing my hard cock through my pants, no longer trying to hide it.

“That’d be fuckin’ hot to just run around like that and fuck like crazy,” Qasim smiled, watching people orgy off on his T.V. screen. His cock was now halfway out of his pants. I nearly fainted at the sight of his fat smooth circumcised head. I ripped my pants open and yanked out my cock and openly jacked off right next to my cousin. “Damn, ’cuz! I guess I’m not the only one who’s horny,” Qasim exclaimed.

“Well, I don’t want to be rude and not join in,” I joked. Qasim wagged his cock right there in front of me. Was he inviting me to do something? I had enough of wondering. “Damn, dude. You gotta a nice one,” I said suddenly, reaching over to grab it with my left hand.

“Thanks,” he grinned, almost blushing. He was so lit. “That feels good,” he smiled.
“Need more help?” I said. He just nodded his eyes up and down, looking from my eyes down to his throbbing cock before his eyes rested on the video screen without saying a word.

‘Good enough for me,’ I thought. I licked my lips and kneeled down beside the bed and took his throbbing cock in my hot and hungry mouth. My head bobbed up and down on his hard shaft as I sucked his fat bulbous arab head like a greedy brat sucking a lollipop.

I deep-throated his pulsating prick until my nose was buried in his pungent bush. I savored the smell of his musky manliness as well as the nutty salty flavor of his hard muslim cock. I licked his fuzzy brown balls and sucked them into my mouth, letting them roll around on my slobbering tongue. He moaned with appreciation. I reached up under his tank top and pinched his soft brown nipples, now getting hard between my fingertips.

“Here, dude. Get comfortable,” I said, pulling his jeans and boxer briefs down his legs and yanking them from his feet and tossing them across the room. He laid back on his bed in just his wife-beater and a pair of dingy white crew-length sport socks.

“You get comfortable, too. I don’t wanna be the only one,” he said.

With that, I jumped up and threw off my polo shirt, kicked off my Chuck Taylor’s and pulled off my Dickies and boxers, tossing all my clothes into the corner of the room.

Qasim peeled off his slightly sweaty tank top. I quickly jumped back onto Qasim’s bed in just my black sport socks. I laid on top of my hottie cousin face to face, cock to cock.

My short, fair-skinned and meaty body, lightly sprinkled with hair, contrasted his long, lean and smooth muscular bronze-colored arab body.

I started kissing Qasim’s neck and soon began to munch on his red full lips. We kissed for a brief time before he gave me the impression that he wasn’t too much into that. I sensed he was just into getting off whether it was with me or with a girl or whoever. Fine by me! I still couldn’t get over the fact that my hot cousin was letting me do this much with him.

I began to work my way down his buff hairless body, licking and sucking his big brown nipples before returning to his twitching cock which leaked of clear tasty pre-cum. I nibbled on his loose hanging balls again before lifting his ass a little to reveal his smooth pinkish brown ’taint, which I licked like it was ice cream.

My tongue wandered further south to his soft wrinkled pink asshole. Qasim was now holding onto his ankles with his hands, allowing me access to his hot smooth hole. Damn, how I wanted to plunge my cock in there. I knew he wouldn’t let me though. I settled for plunging my wet hungry tongue deep into his sweet cavern. I savored and sucked on his tasty pink rosebud of an asshole until my tongue felt like it was gonna fall off.

“Dude, do you like to get fucked?” Qasim suddenly asked.

“Yeah,” I lied. I’m mostly a top, but do you think I was gonna turn down my hot fucking cousin? Do you think I was gonna tell him that I didn’t want that hard cock of his in my body? Fuck no! Somehow, I was determined to get used to being fucked immediately. After all, he was special.

Qasim stood up next to the bed while I rolled over on my back. He pulled some Jergen’s lotion out from under his bed and lathered up his cock and my quivering asshole. I couldn’t believe I was letting him do this. I just laid back and held onto the back of my knees and bit my lip as my hot cousin stuck his fat cockhead into my tender asshole. The pain was excruciating, and I whimpered and winced, my eyes watering so bad, I could barely see.

“You OK? You want this to bite on?” he asked politely, handing me his wife-beater T-shirt, which I accepted, stuffing it into mouth to bite on. It helped a little, but shit, my asshole hurt. Qasim then surprised me by sliding his stiff cock further into my tight asshole. It startled me so much, I gasped and said ‘Fuck!’

“Sorry,” he said.

“It’s cool,” I choked. “Just keep fucking me.”

And that he did. Qasim started off slow but in no time, he was fucking me like a fucking stud. My cousin fucked me hard, banging me like he hadn’t done it this in ages. His sweaty balls slapped against my sore ass cheeks. The pain got much easier to take. Soon I just enjoyed the sensation of having my prostate stimulated, something I don’t get to experience too often. I looked down and could see Qasim’s big hard cock disappear and reappear below my jiggling balls.

His smooth, brown, muscular bare chest was slick and shiny with sweat.
While I was being fucked hard by my own cousin, I took an odd moment and gazed around Qasim’s bedroom. It was still very much a young guy ’s room.

There were movie posters, posters of rock stars, posters of athletes, and posters of hot chicks hanging from his walls. His closet doors were mirrored and I could see us fucking perfectly. I could see his sweaty smooth bubble-butt lunging back and forth as he pounded my ass with his hard teenaged cock. I also saw a couple of framed pictures of Qasim that he had on his desk.

One of them was his high school football photo. He looked so hot in his uniform. The other one was his water polo photo. In the photo, he was posed in a pair of red Speedos holding a water polo ball. Damn, to be the lucky school photographer who got to take that picture. He looked so fucking hot. But not as hot as he looked naked fucking me in the ass right now.

The look on Qasim’s face was priceless. He was so handsome and sweaty. My black socks soaked up a lot of the sweat that poured down his chest. I was busy jacking my own hard cock below.

“Oh, shit! Oh shit!” he moaned, closing his eyes tight, his mouth wide open. I knew what was gonna happen, and it was gonna happen for me too. Qasim moaned and groaned out of control as he slammed his cock deep into my ass.

“Ohhh fuuuckk!!” he wailed. I could feel his cock bursting, shooting his hot creamy load deep into my hot chute. That set me off. A few seconds later I sprayed load after load of hot creamy cum all over my face and chest. I forgot just how much cum one man can produce when he’s had his prostate tweaked with. Much of the cum shot me in the face. I couldn’t help but lap up the globs that landed near my lips. ‘Nice load,’ I thought, congratulating myself.

“Oh shit,” Qasim moaned, collapsing on top of me exhausted. I embraced him tightly, laying with him in just our sweat-drenched socks. The cum on my chest got all over him, but he didn’t seem to care. We were both covered with sweat. For a minute there, I thought he passed out and was snoring.

“Oh man,” he moaned suddenly. “That was fucking wild.” Qasim opened his eyes and stood up, dizzily. “Here, man” he said, tossing me his bath towel.
“Thanks,” I smiled. “You cool with this?” I had to ask.

“Fuck yeah! That was hot,” he grinned, putting his clothes back on as I did the same.

When all was cleaned up and we were both dressed, we both staggered out of his room down the hall to the other relatives. I could barely look at them. Part of me felt embarrassed, part of me felt naughty in a good way, and part of me just thought the whole thing was funny and I wanted to burst out laughing. After a couple of more beers, I got over it and just went along with the family festivities as normal.

Qasim and I barely looked at each other the rest of the night, mostly out of embarrassment or fear of laughing suddenly and inappropriately. I didn’t care. I had my cousin’s essence all over me and the thought of what happened earlier kept me sporting wood all night. Needless to say, I remained seated until it was time to go.

When the festivities finally ended, Qasim and I stayed a little longer in our “goodbye” embrace than normal.

“I’ll see you next spring (his next visit),” I reminded.

“Alright, man,” he gave me a knowing smile. “Until then, take care.”

I drove home with my head spinning…not from alcohol, of course, but from the memory and experience of what happened this Christmas Eve. ‘Shit,’ I thought. I got hard again just smelling his musk on my body. I wonder if anyone noticed.

Oh, who gives a shit! I can’t believe what a great fucking Christmas present I got.

I got to fuck my hot fucking cousin. This was definitely a Christmas to remember…with a little bottle of lube in hand, of course. I can’t wait ‘till his next visit in the spring.

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