I was afraid and opened my mouth a little. He grabbed my head and pulled it fast to him and pushed his arab cock in my mouth. It was about 8 inches and hard and thick. I started to gag on it when he rammed it all in my throat. I never thought this barber was into arab on arab action.

I gagged when he pulled it out and turned around, bent over and said “Lick my asshole Bitch.”

I said I did not do that and he spun around and grabbed me and said “Bitch you will do what the fuck I say or I will beat your ass.” He turned back around and said “NOW LICK BITCH.”

I was so scared I just licked it. I used my tongue to make his ass wet and slippery from my tongue. He was moaning and said “Yeah you fag. Lick it good.”

I done that for about 5 minutes and he stood up and told me to stand up. I stood up and he grabbed my pants and yanked them down. He spun me around and bent me over the sink and before I knew it, he was pushing his cock up my ass with no lube. I had only been fucked once before by a guy in junior high a few years ago. I did not like it so I never done it again.

He fucked me hard with his big arab circumcised cock. I felt him thrust into me one time and hold it and then I felt his cum hitting the inside of my ass. He was all moaning and telling me how I was a good bitch and that he would be back for more when he felt like it.

I did not know if I should be happy or scared. I enjoyed it but I was scared he would kill me if I did not do what he said.

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