On the corner of the block where I live, there is a 7-Eleven. An arab guy works there in the evenings at the register. Since I saw, I liked him a lot. He is 23 years old, about 6 feet all, with an atheletic body and very handsome, light skinned with dark eyes and short hair, thick eyebrows and a perfect smile.

I looked for any excuse to go the store and look at him. Each time I had an opportunity, I made small talk with him, but I began to notice that when there were more people around him, he was more curt with me, but if no one was around he was always more friendly.

Some time passed and I no longer saw him at the store. But I did see him, now and then, at the gym to which I go. But he went with his girlfriend. He told me hi from far away and with discretion as if he didn’t want his girlfriend to find out. So I thought he didn’t work at the 7-Eleven any more.

But one day I went at night. It was already about 11:30 pm and I saw him again that time. He behaved differently, and when he saw me, he told me, “Hey man, how you been? Haven’t seen u in a while.”

I was surprised by his reaction, but it made me happy to see him. This there were no people around, so I made small talk with him. He told me they changed his schedule and that he didn’t like it. It was too quiet working at those late hours.

While we talked, I couldn’t stop looking at him. He was very handsome and his smile was so perfect that there was no way to resist it.

One night he told me that his girlfriend was in Jordan and that she would be there for a few weeks. With a double meaning, I told him, “Damn, it must be hard, huh/”

I stopped there and he laughed. He knew my intended meaning, and told me, “Yeah man she is gonna be gone for a while.”

Then I took advantage of the situation, and that’s when with a look I let him know that I liked him without saying a single word. He got nervous and started doing something else. He told me, “All right man, so see you next time. Take it easy,” cutting the conversation. So, I didn’t know if I had fucked up or if I had advanced.

The next time I got courage and told him, “Let me have your number, man. So we can hit the gym sometime.”

He gave me his number and when I got him I sent him a text: whats up man its me. let me know when you want to hit the gym. I had been jerking off to lots of arab boy sex videos earlier in the day so I felt super horny.

About an hour later he replied: Hey bro yeah I will hit you up.

Then I texted him: or maybe we can just hang out do whatever

This time he answered faster: Yeah man let me know.

Me: what time you get off work man?

Him: I get off at 1 am man.

Me: if you want we can hang out at that time bro

Him: Yeah man we can do that.

Everything was set up. I gave him my address and at 1:15 am he was outside my house.

I opened the door for him and he entered my house. He sat on the sofa in the living room, and already you could see his hard arab cock outlined in his pants. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t need to say anything. I just took it out of his pants and started to suck him off in that moment.

It was a long dick, about 9 inches, not very thick but with a big head some big beautiful balls just the kind you would love to see in some arab boy sex videos.

While I sucked his fat arab cock, I looked him in the eyes now and then, and he would grab my head so that I could continue sucking his dick. I looked at him again, and he had his eyes closed, relaxing with his hands on his head and enjoying that blowjob that I was giving him.

Then I took all his pants off and I saw those thick, strong and hairy big legs. The color of his hairs was between brown and black. I kept hacking off his cock while I enjoyed of that beautiful view. I took his shirt off and now I had him naked, staring at that defined chest with a few hairs and those strong and muscular arms.

I kept sucking him for about 20 minutes. He was really hard and when I asked him if he liked it, he said, “Yeah man, it feels good.”

I took out my dick and started jacking off. Then he grabbed my dick. He was seated on the sofa, so I put my arab cock close to his face. He just looked at it and jacked it off. Little by little, I put it closer to him. He said, “Man I don’t suck dick bro.”

I said, “It;s cool man, it’s no big deal. Just try.”

Then he got brave and started sucking me off. He sucked me for about 5 minutes and I’m sure he liked it because he did it good and you could tell he was enjoying it.

Then I returned to sucking that beautiful dick some more minutes. I told him, “Damn bro, you have a fuckin badass chest, nice abs and big arms. You are fuckin fine bro.”

He just smiled, and that smile, fuck, the most beautiful and perfect smile.

Then he said, “I noticed you were checking me out since day one man.”

I took off all my clothes and sat beside him. I put his hand on my cock and I started to jack off his. We jacked each other off for a few minutes, and then I went back to sucking his cock. When I saw he was close to cumming, I said, “Don’t cum in my mouth bro.”

I went back to sucking his dick while I caressed his abdomen and legs. He started to move from pleasure while moaning with joy. 

Arab boy sex always ends the same way for me. Me pinned on the floor with a fat arab cock deep inside me. Today was no different.

I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. Without hesitation he aggressively pinned me to the floor and slowly put his circumcised islamic cock right in my ass. After a few sniffs of poppers i moaned with pleasure with every thrust. I could hear his big arab balls slapping against my ass. With every slap I moaned harder and harder.

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