Then, without saying a word, he started kissing my neck, and I started breathing hard. I thought I was gonna go crazy. I started moaning. 

He asked me, “Can I kiss you bro?” 

I didn't say anything. I just turned my face a little towards him. He grabbed my chin real rough, like he was mad, with his hand. And then he pressed his lips into my lips. My mouth was closed. He sucked on my lips so good, like he wanted to pluck them off my face. I melted like honey. 

Then he grabbed my cock, which was real hard, and he said, “You're not drunk anymore, huh?” 

Then he asked me, “Can I suck your dick?” 

I didn't want to say anything. I just pushed his head down with my hand. He knew that meant I wanted him to suck my dick. 

I couldn't believe this fine “straight” arab guy was about to suck my dick. We were about to make some hot gay arab porn i could feel it. 

He pushed the blankets away and pulled the elastic band of the shorts away from my hard dick. I didn't shave my pubic hair, so he told me he liked guys who are natural. I didn't want him to keep talking, so I pushed his head down again. 

And he started sucking my dick. 

I couldn't believe the feeling. It was very ticklish and strange. I kept squirming. I liked it but it felt weird. It did not feel like I thought it was going to feel. My dick was super hard. And I was super drunk. So the feeling was strange. It was a combination of pleasure mixed with electricity and tickles. It would feel good, then electric then ticklish. 

I started getting into it. I pulled his hair with one hand and I put my other hand the back of his neck to push him up and down. He sucked me for a long time. I have a big dick, so I knew he liked it. My dick is really straight and thick and uncut. He told me to hit his face with my dick, so I did that for a while

. Then he asked me if I wanted to fuck him. And I told him to get doggy style. While he sucked me, he put saliva on his fingers and finger banged himself to loosen his asshole to get ready for me. 

Then he got into the doggy style position. He looked so good. His legs and ass are real muscular, so it looked hot to see a mascular ass offering itself to me and a tiny asshole getting ready for me to fuck him. 

He told me, “You're big so go slow.” 

In my mind, I thought, Fuck that, I'm gonna fuck how I wanna fuck, it's my first time, so I wanna have fun. (Confession, although I was excited to fuck for the first time, part of me was a little disappointed because I had been saving myself-my virginity-for someone I loved, but fuck it, I was drunk and a hot arab guy offered himself, so there I was losing my virginity in an unexpected way). 

My arab man meat was pulsating. I put my dick head inside of his tight wet hole. It felt so good. It felt better than the blow job. Hotter and tighter. It felt strange. It felt like falling into quicksand. His flesh covered my dick like warm tight quicksand. 

I squeezed his ass cheeks with my hands hard and started fucking him hard. 

He told me, “Go slow, bro. Your shit is thick.” 

I didn't listen to him. I just fucked him as hard as I wanted while he moaned and begged for more. 

Then I shot into his ass, and we kissed a lot.

In the morning, I felt ashamed. I felt ashamed because I did not love him, and I had been saving my virginity for someone I loved. Dennis fell in love with me afterwards and kept trying to get me to fuck him again. But I did not love him and I felt guilty so I would not fuck him again. What can I say? I was young and innocent and a horny gay arab.

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