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I live in East LA in a building with 10 apartments. They are all small one-bedroom places. I know all the neighbors who live there. One of my neighbors was a 25-year-old, handsome, Arab-speaking, dark-skinned guy from Palestine. He had a muscular strong body. He wore white wife beaters most of the time, which showed off his strong arms. He lived with his brother and his sister-in-law.

One day the dark-skinned guy and I bumped into each other in the laundry room. It was about 4 pm, and he was using a washer and a dryer. When I arrived, he said hi and said that he was almost finished with the machines and that I could use them in a short while. That afternoon he was wearing red basketball shorts, and I could see the mound of his balls through the material. I couldn’t stop staring while he finished using the washing machine.

So I kept looking at his bulge and the way he moved it from side to side. When he noticed I was staring at him, he got nervous and his big arab cock started to get hard. Then he started to remove his dried clothes from the dryer, and took out the wet clothes from the washing machine and put it into the dryer.

It was obvious that I was putting my clothes in the now-empty washing machine, really slowly, wasting time. I was trying to take as long a possible staring at his hard islamic cock. He also started moving closer to me, but looking the other way, as if he was approaching me by “accident.” Gay arab men don't like to be too obvious. There came a moment where I couldn’t take it anymore, so I lightly, as if by “accident,” brushed my hand against his bulge.

He didn’t say anything. He started folding his clothes right there while occasionally he reached down and grabbed his own dick. Then I got closer to him and this time I grabbed his cock over his shorts. He let me touch it a few seconds. Then he went to the door and looked outside to make sure nobody was watching. Without saying anything, he started massaging his cock again. He looked at me nervously as he peeked outside to make sure no one was coming. Then he took his big arab cock out of his shorts. Damn, that sexy fat arab cock was beautiful. A fucking thick cock, black and hairy, cut and with some big balls that looked like avocados. And he told me, Wanna suck it?

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As I jacked off his cock, I told him that not here because it was dangerous, because someone could see us. So I told him to follow me. I live in the first apartment at the top of the staircase and the staircase is beside the laundry room. So I went upstairs and I left the door open.

He took a long time to come up. So I looked outside to see why he wasn’t coming. He was coming out of his apartment and climbed up to my single. He entered and closed the door. Then he locked the door and leaned against it. He took his arab dick out and pushed my head down so I could suck him right away.

We hadn’t really spoken in the past. So I asked him his name. He smiled, saying, Ahmed, but they call me blackie.

I kept kneeling and sucking his circumcised beautiful islamic cock, licking it from balls all the way to the head of that dick. I lifted his shirt and he took it off. Fuck, I hadn’t noticed he had a six pack and I stood dumb-founded. He looked proud about the way I admired his body. I caressed the little hairs that rose from his cock to his abdomen.

His dark skin looked so sexy. I love gay arab guys with dark skin. He grabbed my head and shoved his circumcised cock deeper in my mouth all the way inside, reaching my throat.

I stood and took off my shirt. He looked at me and turned me around. I was wearing sweat pants. He pulled down my sweat pants. I grabbed his hand and put it on my cock which was really hard. He touched it only a few second then removed his hand. Then he flipped me on my back, lifted my legs.

I grabbed his cock, and started rubbing it on my asshole a little while. Then I spit on my hand, rubbed it on his cock and put his dick back against my asshole. Then I got up, went to my sofa-bed and converted it from a sofa into a bed. I told him to lay down and he did. Damn he looked so good naked, his big legs, his huge arab cock, his arms with those big hands jacking off his monster cock. I lay down beside him. I jacked him off while putting more spit on his dick.

As I lay on my side, I let him put his cock in me, little by little. That fat arab dick felt so good. Even though it was big, he put it in me slowly and with my spit it was much more agreeable. He put the cock in me little by little. Then, each time he put it in me, it did it faster and faster. We were still laying side to side, in what is called the spoon position.

He moved slowly and each time he penetrated me, he went in deeper. He was putting his cock in me a good while. He put his leg in front of me, crossing my front, while he used it to push that cock deeper and deeper into me. Each time he put the cock faster into me and deeper. Then I told him I didn’t want him to cum inside of me.

My cock couldn’t take it anymore. It was really hard and about to explode. I was watching gay arab porn earlier in the day so i was edging so hard. He took his cock out of me, turned me face up and then he sat on top of me. He sat on my stomach while he kept jacking off his dick. He released a stream of arab cum that fell all over my chest and my neck. A shitload of cum came out and he shuddered as he finished coming.

His circumcised islamic cock exploded with cum all over me.

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