He squirmed around and lifted his ass back, matching my tongue thrusts. Then he turned over and said it was my turn.

I sat on the edge as he rimmed my tight arab ass, then he turned me over doggie style on the bed.

“Ready, boss?” he asked, and I nodded yes.

He spread my ass apart, spit on my hole and rubbed his dick on it to get it ready. He put his warm arab dick head in, and I asked him to wait a second so I can open up.

He grabbed onto my waist tight and said “You’re ok habibi, does it hurt?”

I lied and said it didn’t, so he held me by my waist and slid his gay arab dick all the way in until I felt his balls flap against my ass. He started pumping in and out, saying, “Yeah habibi, this shit it tight!” 

“Yeah daddy, gimme that shit,” I begged.

He kept fucking me doggie style for a few minutes, and then he pulled out and turned me on my back with my legs up in the air. He put it in me, then he wrapped my legs around his waist and I pulled him in closer to me, wrapping them on him tight, “Yeah like that.”

He laughed. As he did his face changed to sort of a joking one, and smiling he asked, “You like this shit or what?”

I thought it was so cute. I smiled and said, “Yes habibi give me more.”

He just laughed all crazy like as if we were old friends or something. And he started rocking back and forth, fucking me more relaxed now, not like when he was hitting it from behind. Now he was looking into my eyes and I was shocked again as he leaned down and started making out with me as he put his fat cock in and out of my tight ass.

Then he looked into my eyes and asked, “You ready?”

I nodded and he straightened up and started digging it into me hard. He had this crazy animal like look on his face. He leaned his head back and dug his arab dick deep into me and let out a huge moan as I felt him squirt inside of me. It was so warm and felt so good.

He pulled out and to my surprise, he pulled me still on my back to the edge of the bed and started licking my ass. I went crazy.

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