This happened about a year ago (in 2010). My cousins came down from SJ to LA and we all stayed at a local hotel to just chill and a spot to stay after the bars. 

I invited some of my guy and girl friends to hangout. We all went back to room after to hangout. Everyone left, but my 2 guy cousins, their friend, my straight homie and I stayed over. I was going to just jerk off to some gay arab porn that night but it looks like i wasn't going to get a chance to do that. I was so fucking horny.

The room had a king size bed, sofa bed and a roll away bed. My cousins stayed on the king bed, their friend on the roll away and my homie and I stayed on the sofa bed on opposite sides.

So I'm bi on the dl and always had the hots for this guy, but he was very straight and always went home with girls. so he was drunk or idk what he was on and was tripping over some girl texting him. 

Everyone else knocked out and we were laying there talking.

As I started falling asleep, I felt him get up and lay next to me and hugged me. I was like WTF??? and almost died of how fucking stoked and horny I got. 

I turned over and started kissing as I was sooo fucking stoked and horny, not knowing what was going on I just went for it.

I didn't say shit and just started kissing him all over. This guy is about 6 feet, lite skinned, in shape, fade haircut with thin beard.

Anyways I started going down on him, trying to stay DL. It was like living inside of a gay arab porn movie. I can't stop thinking about it. 

Cause of my cousins I was fucking risking it big time. I unzipped his levi jeans and pulled down his boxers and damn out popped about 7″ of cut clean arab hung dick. I was in heaven. I sucked him for a long time and kissed him for a while.

Then I told him to suck me, but he said no, and since I'm a top I asked him if he wanted to fuck me that I didn't care and he went for it.

He pounded me so hard that even just thinking about it right now is making me so horny.

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