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I jacked him off, rubbing the tip of his dick against my wet tongue. I was so horny, I wanted to suck him right there and then. He started thrusting his hips and putting a little bit more of his dick head in my mouth. I was swirling my tongue around his arab dick head. Then he just grabbed my head with both hands and pushed my head down, forcing me to deep throat him. Oh man, I thought I was in heaven.

“I’m gonna fuck you,” he said. Fuck, it sounded so masculine, like he was taking charge, like even if I didn’t want to get fucked, he was going to do it.

I lied and told him again that I was a virgin and that if he fucked he had to go slow.

“I’ll go slow,” he said.

He put me doggy style and then he shoved his finger in my asshole. Fuck, that shit hurt. I told him to go slow, and again he said he would go slow, but somehow I didn’t believe him.

Oh man, when he started to fuck me, it felt like shit. It really hurt. I kept wondering why do guys like to get fucked? This is too painful. I think the problem is he is too thick. It felt like I was getting fucked with a brick. Arab men have such thick cocks. And they like to thrust every inch nice and deep inside.

After a while though it started feeling better. It still hurt but not as much. I put on some gay arab porn in the background and things got even hotter really quickly. Then, when he was about to cum, he grabbed my hips real hard and pounded into me. That shit hurt so much. When he came, his dick got bigger and longer and harder, and so of course, it hurt more. He came inside of me, and I was all leaking all over the place and my ass burned. It felt like a hot bowling ball fell out of my ass and my asshole was going to be stretched open for ever. Ha ha

But when I saw his cute face again and that big dick, I was glad I let him fuck me.

After that day, he would come over to my house about once or twice a week. He would play video games (I bought an Xbox for him) while I sucked him off. I prefer to suck him, but once in a while he demands that I let him fuck him.

He is turning more gay, meaning he does not talk about women anymore, and he sometimes brings his “straight” friends to my house and he makes them fuck me in the mouth or the ass. The good thing is that even though he is getting more comfortable with guy-on-guy sex, he is still masculine. He is not acting queeny or feminine or nothing like that. Thank god.

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