Years ago I was living at the suburbs and a mile from home the city ends. I used to run with my dog, (a pitbull ) to the city limits and there rest a while, and then return home. I'm Iraqi. My skin is kind of white for an arab. I have a nice but kind of thin body.  

So, there I was resting after my running, when in the dark I saw this hot guy. He looked middle eastern.

He came to me. He was tall slender but nice and built type, military haircut and manly voice. He asked me: “You're a faggot, right?”  

And I told him yes I was.  

We walked side to side. I was very horny at the moment. When I went out there, he was almost naked. He striped all his clothes off, except his underwear. He was hairless, fine legs and torso.  

He told me to suck it.  

I sucked him about 15 minutes. He smelled so good. He had big balls and a hard thick cock like most arab men . Then he told me to get naked, saying to me ‘I'm gonna fuck you like a bitch'.

So I took my clothes off and put some lube on his big arab cock. I prefer to be fucked slowly, so I can get used to it, and have no pain. But he liked it rough!! He just put it all inside and started to fuck me hard and fast.

I was in pain, then pleasure with pain, then pleasure. He fucked me about 20 minutes, then he came inside of me and squeezed my asscheeks with his hands real hard while squirted 4 or 5 times inside of me.  

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